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Studio Blumhouse still interested in the restart of the Scream

It would seem that a serial reboot of the franchise about the killer named “Ghost face” was released relatively recently, but the thought of another reboot still has not disappeared from the Hollywood hills. In particular, at such a prospect thinks himself Jason Blum, Blumhouse Studio head and producer of such genre hits as “Off,” “Paranormal activity” and “Insidious”.

However, an interesting bloom not only “the Scream” – in a recent interview, he mentioned a cool slasher “I know what you did last summer”, the possibility of a remake which was also discussed several years ago. However, confidence in future projects from the producer yet:

Yes, I’d like to do both of these projects. But here everything depends on the law. It’s very complicated and twisted. It’s one thing to say that you want to remove, and quite another to really start working. For example, on “Halloween” we were working about four or five years before he’s grown, so here we have to Wade through the thorns of the business. But, in theory, if you ask me if I want to engage in “Shouting”, I answer: “of Course I do!”. Unfortunately, all is not so simple.

For its part, I note that the first “Scream”and “I know what you did…” and to this day look remarkably outdated and only used by the heroes of the technique. Otherwise they can be safely twist in theaters even today. So from the point of view of the filling to talk about the necessity of remakes is still very early. First, it would look simply like an attempt to milk some more money from a familiar title – is that he fell victim to critics is not bad, but nothing special horror of “Blair Witch: a New Chapter”. Second, there are still plenty of other iconic in the past, but now dusty capital items that it is time to dress up and once again show the world. Personally, my dream remake is a big-budget version of the old vampire horror film “Subspecies”… But that’s another story.

We will remind, “the Scream” talked about how

In the city, a wave of brutal murders, the victims are defenseless people. A new victim of telephone maniac from the town of Woodsboro can be another girl — Sidney Prescott. A year ago she was raped and murdered mother, and now the maniac threatens her. But in the first night battle with the killer, the girl was able to escape. The police found at the scene of the assassination, a mask and Cape. However, such masks can be bought in the shop of horrors, and use for investigation of the evidence found no. No, sort of, and motives for murder, if not taken for the major version that maniac — a passionate fan of horror movies and kills his victims just for fun…don’t miss:

How to become the coolest horrormeister in the world? Rulebook Jason bloom

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