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Students vs police

Студенты против полиции

The main nervous point of clashes in Hong Kong has now become University students Sunday there desperately fought off attempts to break through police barricades in the nest of protest. Initially, the defender was lucky: the first storm they tore down, put up a wall of fire on a pedestrian bridge connecting the gate with the adjacent metro station. The onslaught of the police and then fought off a Molotov cocktail — the students even set fire to the armored car coming, she barely crawled home. The police were bombarded with arrows from bows, stones. Police responded to a hail of cans with tear gas, rubber bullets, knocking down the icy jets of powerful water cannons.

Of course, the forces are unequal: some students tried to escape from the University, but they were met with water cannons and rubber bullets. But was repulsed and a new attack to the police. Now she has an ultimatum — come out with your hands provided by the corridor. Supporters of the protesters tried to break the blockade from the outside, but it didn’t work. Injured more than twenty people, four seriously. Hundreds arrested.

The police strapped to Polytech to another her strength is not very short. Protesters today made a flurry of action around the Autonomous enclave, they continued to block one of the three roads that connect Hong Kong island with its mainland. The police, meanwhile, warned that the Molotov cocktails and arrows from the bows will be responsible with live ammunition.

Authorities clearly hope that the turning point will come after the fall of the University. It is waiting for Beijing — it is limited to threatening statements, and, it seems, believes that Hong Kong people must sooner or later turn away from demanding freedom radical students. However, last weekend on the streets of the enclave were withdrawn in shorts and t-shirts soldiers of the garrison of the armed forces of the PRC. They dismantled barricades thrown by protesters, removed the debris and mountains of bricks, which the students block traffic on the streets. In short, contributed to a kind of normalization of life.

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