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Students of the British school decided to massively change their gender

Ученики британской школы решили массово сменить свой пол Of such intention said just 17 people.

In an unnamed British school teacher shocked by the fact that 17 of the students expressed the desire to change their gender and are already in the process, taking drugs to block puberty.

All these children are characterized as having autistic disorder, so the teacher is sure that they themselves decided to change his sex, but someone persuaded them to do it.

According to psychologists, only a small percentage of adolescents who claim to transsexual women actually suffers from gender dysphoria (feel like a girl in boy’s body and Vice versa). The others take such a decision under the influence of external factors: someone’s influence, fashion, desire for attention to his person.

The journalists from The Mail On Sunday approached the teacher, made a request to the National health service of England and learned that about 150 people, approximately one third of all children and young people held in the country’s hospitals, treatment for the subsequent sex change, are also mild autism or autistic severe.

That is, it is vulnerable children with mental health problems. And they likely don’t realize that they are going to do with her body. But they now are taking puberty blockers.

Ученики британской школы решили массово сменить свой пол

A teacher who preferred to remain anonymous reported 17 students with autism in school, says he was forced to do it because she wants to protect these children. According to her, these students are powerful drugs, which probably already caused serious damage to their growing bodies. But there awaits them an even more terrifying – the real sex-change operation.

According to the teacher, in the country now has a powerful “transsexual lobby” and many politicians and school have swallowed “hook, line and sinker” and was conducted among children the erroneous promotion of these values.

The woman asked reporters not to mention her name because she is very afraid of dismissal. The press called her name “Carol”.

According to “Carol”, all teachers in their school were forbidden to speak anything the parents of those students that declared their transsexualism. All named its students from high school and have disorder autistic character. They are all sitting on tablets, and one girl has already gone through surgery to remove the breast.

Also “Carol” says that many of them talked about being born in the wrong body, you have to watch on YouTube is videos with transgender people.

After the statement “Carol” got in the British media, the representative of the conservative party David Davis has made a statement in which he praised the brave teacher said that he had long suspected that in British schools there is something wrong.

“It’s horrifying that children are encouraged by other students to identify themselves as transgender, especially if they have autism,” concluded Davis.

Many adults believe that if a child tells somebody that he has to be gay feels or representative of the other sex, the other students will start to slack off, but in British schools is just encouraged and after the recognition of such child on the contrary becomes popular. “Carol” says that in her school students shemale idolized by other students.

According to “Carol” the other teachers too can see what all this has long gone beyond the normal, but are afraid to say anything for fear of being fired for “homophobia” and intolerance towards sexual minorities.

All 17 mentioned the ladyboys in the school, “Carol” came together in a sort of group. They dress in similar clothes and give yourself a nickname in honor of the stars transgender from YouTube. And once “Carol” personally watched as they tried to convince one student that he was born with the wrong floor and needed to change it to “true”.

“There is nothing from real gender dysphoria. They’re just young people with mental health problems who have found identity in which they feel comfortable and want to be part of a group of like-minded people”.

“Carol” went to school more than two decades and it is very hard to see how young people mutilate themselves for the sake of friends, fashion and trends.

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