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Students from Germany broke up the Hyperloop capsule to a record speed

Студенты из Германии разогнали капсулу Hyperloop до рекордной скорости[b]Young inventors were able to reach speeds of 324 km / h[/b]

Private aerospace company SpaceX has summed up the results of the second student contest for the development of cabins for vacuum trains. The winner was the team from Munich, which managed to disperse the cabin to 324 km/h. the speed of traffic in tunnels supersonic Hyperloop could become, I’m sure the race organizer Elon Musk.

The test cabin for the transport of the vacuum system took place at Hyperloop test track in Hawthorne, next to the headquarters of SpaceX. Their designs in the final of the competition was represented by three teams — WARR from Germany, Swissloop from Switzerland and Paradigm of North America. Finalists selected in the preliminary stages of the competitions that SpaceX conducts regularly — now with the new company Ilona Mask The Boring Company.

The winner of the competition was the team of German students from the technical University of Munich, who managed to disperse the cockpit of carbon fiber to 324 km/h on the test track length of 1.2 km past the competition in January, the speed of installation WARR was only 93 km/h.

However, the head of SpaceX and The Boring Company Elon Musk believes such a figure is modest. According to him, even on a short track the cab can disperse up to 500 km/h. After the completion of the competition, Musk wrote in his microblog on Twitter that, theoretically, the cockpit can reach supersonic speeds even in a test Hyperloop tunnel with a length of 1.2 km. However, this would require a sharp acceleration and braking.
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To set new records, the company will have in the next year, when for the third time SpaceX will hold a competition of cabins for Hyperloop.
However, soon the student teams and startups developing vacuum transport system can be a strong competitor in the face of Elon musk. The businessman introduced the Hyperloop concept in 2013 and gave it to the global business community. However, he said that he would not engage in its implementation. However, trademark Hyperloop belongs to the Mask and, according to sources, soon the head of SpaceX would use them.

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