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Stubbornness 80 level: Italian for eight years is suing because of the eggplant

Упрямство 80-го уровня: итальянец восемь лет судится из-за баклажанаThe state has spent on litigation 8 thousand euros.

The Italian, who nine years ago was accused of stealing eggplant finally acquitted. Stealing a penny of the vegetable turned into a lawsuit that cost the taxpayers thousands of euros.

In 2009, at a private field near the town of Lecce in southern Italy caught a 49-year-old man with a bucket, in which alone lay the eggplant. The man told police that the theft went from despair: he had no job and no money, and the child had to be fed.

But the Italian court is not our court, and humanity is no different. So first the poor fellow was sentenced to five months in prison and a fine of EUR 500. Then the sentence was commuted to two months imprisonment and 120 Euro fine. Such is the sentence the man was not satisfied, and he continued to plead, until he came to the last instance court — the Cassation court in Rome.

Finally, after nine years of litigation, the man was acquitted. The court of appeals criticized the lower court for what was not taken into account the plight of the defendant and too little damage. The judges were accused of embezzlement of public funds, because the man was too poor to pay for counsel, therefore, used the services of public defenders, which left about eight thousand euros.

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