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Strong power! The guy with the tambourine was scared!

Сильная власть! Парня с бубном испугались!

On the night of 19 September in Buryatia kidnapped Yakut shaman TM Alexander, who went to Moscow to “banish” Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin, according to the project “Siberia.Realities” with reference to his supporters.

According to the newspaper, the night to camp near the village of Vydrino on the border with the Irkutsk region, where slept the shaman and his supporters, came a few cars. People in masks surrounded the tent of the shaman, took him and the cart, with which he went to Moscow, and then took him away in an unknown direction.

“The route was blocked by security services with weapons, they quickly surrounded our camp and directly to the tent of the shaman. They were maybe a few dozen people,” says a supporter of the shaman.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the masked men were not represented and did not show ID, they had guns and flashlights. Just arrived in camp about forty people. They also blocked the road and, as proponents of the shaman, set of jammers for cellular communications. Those who tried to demand an explanation and ask questions, put a face on the ground. Several activists were also detained.

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