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Stroll through the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. Photo

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. ФотоFamous personalities buried here.

We the children of modernity, used to think that beauty and death are incompatible. But any traveler who has visited some of the amazing cemeteries around the world, easily convinced of the opposite. These 12 cemeteries — not just a fenced plot of land, and the picturesque shrines; some of them are guarded by majestic trees, others look at the vastness of the ocean.

For example, at the huge cemetery Père Lachaise in Paris are tens of thousands of graves, some of which are buried famous literary figures. Of course, this is still a cemetery, that does not prevent him from being an important historical landmark and urban oasis. And in the North of Romania there is a charming Merry cemetery, where only a few hundred graves, but each gravestone is painted in bright colors — a bright spectacle in the memory of local residents who have lived their lives in a simple and not too festive atmosphere.

All these tombstones show respect for the deceased, as a way to make them last resting place bright and beautiful. Thanks to them, the cemetery became not only a Shrine or a kind of Park, but even a tourist attraction — and we feel a little closer to those who are buried here.

The graveyard of St Andrew’s Cathedral, St Andrews, Scotland

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

Built at the turn of XI and XII centuries, St. Andrew’s Cathedral for several centuries remained the largest in Scotland, but wars, fires and hurricanes have turned him into stone vetrenno ruins on the cliff, looking right into the North sea. The ruins of harsh surrounds the cemetery. Here Golf lovers can take a look at the grave of a nineteenth century professional young Tom Morris, greedy culture, tourists can admire the medieval sculptures in the Museum, and Ghostbusters — try to see one of the many spirits who allegedly often appear here.

Merry cemetery, Sapinta, Romania

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

In a small village in Northern Romania, home to just 5 thousand people is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country — and not because of who is buried there. Each of the hundreds of graves in a cemetery decorated with carved oak cross, painted in bright blue color and depicting scenes from the life of the deceased with an explanatory epigram. The carpenter who carves crosses and writes poetry, does not hold itself: on the cross caught the hints of alcoholism, adultery, and lewd jokes.

The Cemetery Of Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, Franice

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

This is a giant cemetery with an area of 44 hectares is the most visited in the world. There are plenty of paved walkways, tree-lined avenues and elegant mausoleums. It is here — and not coincidentally — are the graves of many celebrities, including Moliere, Proust, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein and Jim Morrison. Initially the cemetery was founded in 1804, was used for reburials from other parts of the city. Deliberately shifting here famous graves, the authorities made the process of reburial macabre campaign to attract tourists. Recently a member of the city Council of Florida offered to return the remains of Morrison’s home, in the US, triggering sharp criticism of the fans of the musician, his heirs and, of course, the administration of the cemetery.

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Okuno-in, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

The largest cemetery in Japan, whose history stretches from 816 ad, at the same time it seems a quaint, quiet and deeply spiritual place. In a cedar forest, which is considered part of UNESCO world heritage, is located the graves of more than 200 thousand Buddhist monks, including the famous master Kukai. The way to his tomb is decorated with 10 thousand lights; twice a day, the monks bring him food ritual. There are some very strange headstones is like a Cup of coffee in honor of the employees of the coffee company or a monument termites established by the manufacturer of pesticides.

Waverley Cemetery, Sydney, Australia

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

Here are buried some famous Australians, including writer Henry Lawson and cricketer Victor Trumper and Irish rebel Michael Dwyer. But the main reason to visit this cemetery view. This cemetery, opened in Waverly in 1877, occupies about 16 hectares on top of a cliff overlooking the South Pacific ocean. The whole hillside is dotted with angels, crosses and obelisks, which always enjoy one of the best pictures on the planet.

Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

Once there was a garden near the Church, but now the Recoleta cemetery resembles a miniature ghostly pale a city in the heart of Buenos Aires. The most famous grave here belongs to Eva perón, whose remains are buried in four and a half metres under the ground below them, no one ever bothered you. The cemetery, founded in 1822, you can find many touching sculptures of angels and obelisks and mausoleums in various architectural styles — art Deco, art Nouveau, Baroque and neo-Gothic. Perhaps the most impressive monumental tomb Rufina, Cambaceres, who died in 1902 at the age of 19 years. Legend has it that a few days after the funeral of her grave to hear the shouts. When the crypt was opened, it was found that the coffin lid from the inside and face of the deceased is covered with scratch — tracks unsuccessful attempts to escape.

Bonaventure, Georgia, USA

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

Bonaventure cemetery, with its moss-covered angels and knotty oak trees — a perfect example of southern Gothic. Here is buried the poet johnny Mercer and the first Governor of Georgia. But most of that cemetery, founded in 1846, known by the picture on the cover of the book by John Berendt “midnight in the garden of good and evil.” The cemetery was closed because of the hurricane “Matthew”, but will re-open next week when the volunteer team will cut and take out some fallen cedars. Alas, there’s something here you won’t see, for example, touching the sculpture of the “Girl-bird” — long before the storm it was moved to the local Museum, the Center for the arts Jepson. But if you decide to settle here permanently, keep in mind that the cemetery still works.

Mount of olives, Jerusalem, Israel

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

Tradition says that in the day of resurrection it will begin here, in the Holy of holies, in the Jewish cemetery, which has been used for over 3 thousand years. From the Western slope of the mount of olives, or Olivet, covered with ancient tombs of the color of sand, overlooking Jerusalem, with the Eastern desert. Here lie the rabbis, the Christian prophets and the Prime Minister of Israel Menachem begin. A place on a cemetery has ended recently.

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Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

cemetery Arlington, Virginia, USA

Few places on this planet to touch as far down as Arlington, where buried more than 400 thousand U.S. veterans and their families. The land once belonged to the grandson of Martha Washington. In 1863 a part of his possessions has become a village, which helped former slaves adjust to freedom; later, this land became the cemetery of the civil war. Among immaculate lawns and ancient trees is located the tomb of the Unknown soldier, which is round-the-clock honor guard, the grave of John F. Kennedy lit the eternal flame and the tombs of Pierre L Antana, Thurgood Marshall and Medgar Evers.

Highgate Cemetery, London, UK

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

The architects who designed Highgate in the nineteenth century who felt the spirit of the place. Obelisks rise above the Egyptian Avenue, a street of tombs, which brings to the Lebanon circle, the tombs, built around an ancient cedar. In Victorian times the graveyard was the most popular burial place, but then for many years was almost abandoned. So far it seems that it is shrouded in ivy monuments evoke a dream. Among the 170 thousand permanent inhabitants — the artist Lucien Freud, the writer George Eliot and Karl Marx, whose tomb is topped by a huge bust. Less known but perhaps even more interesting is the grave of Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned by the FSB of Russia: due to high level of radiation it had to be buried in a coffin, laid with lead.

Assistens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

This cemetery looks so peaceful and pleasant that the locals use it as a Park for picnics and recreation. Assistens cemetery was founded in 1760 and is the final resting place for many famous Danes. In this egalitarian country not to find a huge or ornate monuments. Hans Christian Andersen is buried under a simple headstone high. On the tombstone of the philosopher søren Kierkegaard carved epitaph that describes how the deceased is resting among the roses, talking with Jesus. And all this two steps away from one of the most exciting culinary areas of the city — Copenhagen.

Green-wood, new York, USA

Прогулка по самым красивым в мире кладбищам. Фото

Boss tweed and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonard Bernstein and generals of the civil war — they all found their last resting place in the hills of Brooklyn, new York. Cemetery green-wood, located in front of Central Park and Prospect Park has always served as a place of citizens. In the 1960s it was the second most popular tourist destination in the country after Niagara falls. Huge, almost 200 hectares, the graveyard is green and tranquil, with many ponds and lakes and beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline.

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