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Stripped to the bone: in Moscow, the taxi driver took from a foreigner fabulous money

Ободрал до нитки: в Москве таксист взял с иностранца баснословные деньги The route was short from the airport to the hotel.

Chilean journalist Diego Miranda, who came to Russia at the soccer Confederations Cup, for the taxi ride from Moscow Domodedovo airport to the hotel I had to pay 50 thousand rubles (about $ 860).

“I changed money at the airport, got out and saw that there is a lot of taxi drivers. I sat down. In Chile it is not customary to ask about price in advance: all the shows counter. When we arrived the taxi driver pointed me to the cost of the trip is 37 and a lot of zeros. Then all of a sudden became 40. He explained this by the fact that it is now quite late, so I should have to pay extra for the trip. Ok, no problem. I gave 50 000, with tip…” – quoted by Miranda “CHempionata”.

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After the journalist came SMS from a friend who drove to the same hotel for 5000, he realized that it was a hoax and demanded to return the money.

“He gave me 300 rubles. Seriously, man?! I said call the police. Before you leave, photographed the license plate that somehow it was possible then to find. Incidentally, he was asked to remove the pictures, but I cheated. I have two exactly the same phone, and I showed him the gallery where there was nothing,” said Miranda.

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Police later arrested the taxi driver. He was charged under article “Fraud upon receipt of payments.”

The driver at the station tearfully told that he was not going to deceive anyone, and they took the money, thinking it was a tip.

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