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String “let the blood and gives love” in the new video about family disassembly

Group “Leningrad” over the past 2 months presents for the second clip. “The monkey and the eagle,” filmed in the style of a talk show — Cord used the Studio of the program “About love” on the First channel, which is a leading.

Along with co-presenter Sofiko Shevardnadze Cords welcomed the audience: “Good day! In the program “Blood and love”. When the family is a difficult situation — we are trying to keep quiet about it. And when to be silent is impossible, we begin to speak aloud to live”.

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In the clip Cords and Sophiko in a familiar role ex-lovers asking about their relationship. And as it usually happens, one of them is the eagle, the other is a monkey. “Monkey zodiac sign… Yes and no mark, it is a monkey” sings the protagonist of a talk show.

Cords made a parody of his own talk show, but it turned out quite realistic. Pair with the presenters discussing their relationship, domestic dispute, domestic violence and infidelity.

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