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Strict diet: minus 3 kg for 7 days

Строгая яичная диета: минус 3 кг за 7 дней Nutritionists recommend to look at the effective egg diet.

Egg diet refers to the category of monotonous diets and withstand it can not everyone. To deviate from the planned diet is strictly forbidden, and the main foods on this diet are eggs and oranges.

Scheme weekly egg-orange diet is as follows – boiled egg and an orange for every meal, and there should be at least five. It may seem that after a diet of egg can be sakkarakatti, but in fact, eggs contain a lot of valuable substances, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and so on, so once every six months to use this technique of eating for weight loss just recommended by doctors.

The rules of the egg diet:

1. Drink plenty of water. As we know, water is the best way to cleanse the entire body, including the digestive system, and kidneys, and blood vessels.

2. To move more than usual. Physical activity speeds up the process of burning fat.

3. To cook eggs in different ways: poached, “in the bag”, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, easy to cook, but not eat them raw. This will allow you to break away from the diet.

Nutritionists promise that after a week of eating eggs and oranges losing weight will be lighter by 3 kg or more, depending on how strictly he adhered to the rules of diet.

Few know that this variation of the egg diet allows you to lose weight and not gain it again in the shortest time. This happens due to the loss of fluid, namely fat, so if you do it after the egg-orange diet to gain weight, because you will eat more than ever.

Hunger is not felt

Those who have experienced different variations of the egg diet, say after Breakfast, where it was eaten only 1 egg and 1 orange, did not want to eat until lunch. Especially if between meals to drink plenty of water or green tea without sugar.

If you are constantly frustrated with diets, because feel hungry and are unable to cope with it, it is a strict diet designed specifically for you.

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