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Street camera shot with a quick theft “Mercedes”. Video

Уличная камера сняла самый быстрый угон "Мерседеса". Видео Criminals took less than 30 seconds to complete its work.

The car’s safety systems are constantly evolving, however this does not reduce the statistics of car thefts. Thieves successfully find loopholes in the system and continues to leave drivers without cars.

At times, the skill and training of the hijackers to such a level that they can steal Mercedes-Benz in 20 seconds.

Here is how the outline of such a theft, “Autoreview”. For the operation, an attacker would need radiodigital, which consists of a “reader” and “emulator”. These blocks establish a high-speed data channel that allows to relay the requests of the car and remotely make the answers key-label.

How it works in practice? One attacker includes an “emulator” and is near the driver’s door — at a time when the accomplice with the “reader” will be close to the owner (or as in the video — near the place where keys are stored), the hijacker will have to press the button on the door handle.

Car issues the search query “emulator” takes it demodulates, amplifies and then transmits a linkup partner. His instrument produces a reverse action and “interrogates” the key. Grabbing the response package, “extension” sends it back through the “emulator” relays the car. The door is open.

Before starting the engine, the system again prompts you for the key, and the situation will repeat. It is important to note that the information between the blocks is transmitted without the digital signal processing, the method of direct transfer of the spectrum, respectively, the response from the electronic key enters “real-time”.

This scheme is known for quite some time. The number of thefts, the criminals are radioactivitely, only grows… by the Way, some kind of insurance is to install a GPS tracker (it will transmit the coordinates auto). And in the Mercedes in the video this was! That’s just the hijackers quickly found and destroyed.

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