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Strap: an effective study of the muscles of the body

Планка: эффективная проработка мышц всего телаThe plank pose is one of the best exercises if you want to strengthen your abs, back and arms.

If someone will come up with a method to keep the body toned and in shape, which will take as little time as possible it will be the most outstanding people.

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Modern methods of nutrition and personal training require a lot of effort. But what if we want to have a relief body or to lose weight fast for summer?

There is a very effective exercise called the “plank”. Many have heard about it, but those who use this exercise in practice, with confidence I can say that these are not complicated loads make our body perfect. Of course, by doing plank, don’t go back to eat pastries and junk food.

Training should always be accompanied by right kind of diet.

Plank exercise for a total-body workout. It strengthens the back muscles, abdominals, arms and legs, improves flexibility, posture and balance. This exercise you can safely do at home, if there is no time and desire to visit the gym.

For this exercise, do not need much time, you can be on vacation or after work, morning or evening, in sports clothes or pajamas, Make the bar each day just for a few minutes, and after a month you will notice how your body has changed and has become more prominent.

At first glance, the exercise “plank”, it seems too simple. But when you start to use it, you will understand that there is a load on the whole body and at the first times you will be very hard to last more than a minute.

Try each time to increase the time when you are in the plank position. Even half soaked minutes will increase the performance.

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