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Strangers “The Strangers 2”

Started shooting the horror Thriller “the Strangers 2” (The Strangers 2) is one of those projects, long-term construction type “the Raven” re-remake “a Nightmare on elm street,” in which, like Santa Claus, we have long ceased to believe. However, specifically “the Strangers 2” still become a reality.

At the helm is Director Johannes Roberts, the Creator of fresh shark of the hit “the Blue abyss”, and about the first casting of the film we wrote. Now it became known, who exactly will play themselves “strangers” – a trio of masked gunmen.

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Strangers in the original painting, 2008.

Emma Bellamy (nothing is known) will play “a Doll Person” (Dollface), Lea Enslin (starred in the TV series “the Walking dead”) will play the role of “Pinup girls” (Pin Up Girl) and Damian Maffei (“Ghost Lake”) will be the “masked Man” (Man in the Mask).

This trio joined the cast in the part of Bailey Madison, Christina Hendricks, Lewis Pullman , and Martinius Henderson.

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The synopsis for the sequel reads:

Financial problems forced the family to leave the old home, and now they are trying to survive the night in the trailer in a deserted neighborhood, when they open hunting three savages in masks, armed with axes.

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