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“Strangers” show in Moscow to the accompaniment of a Symphony orchestra

Don’t know what to do with myself on the eve of all saints Day? Tired of the same type Halloween parties in bars where drunken zombies and ghosts stick to demonic nurse? While you sit at home and do not want? “Zone Horror” offers an excellent alternative. However, to get to this event, you need to be in the capital.

In Moscow goes show “Strangers. Live in Concert”. It started in November last year in London and was dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the film James Cameron’s “Aliens.” Hardly anyone should elaborate what does this do for the movie, who are Ripley and Bishop, and why corporal Hicks is cool. The Oscar-winning classic that is loved by the fans of science fiction, horror, and armor-piercing action, was released in 1986. The film became one of the best sequels in history, and many fans put it above the original “Alien” by Ridley Scott. Despite involvement in one franchise, the films are quite different in mood and scale. “Strangers” – much more “blockbuster” movie, there is no the cold intimacy of 1979, somewhere in space no one can hear you scream… but there is more. One uterus of alien worth.

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A year after the start of the world tour “of Others. Live in Concert” will get to Russia. On the big screen will show the full digitized HD version of the film. For people who watched “Strangers” still on tape, it’s just an incredible gift. But the main feature is, of course, live music of a large Symphony orchestra. The author of the soundtrack of American film composer James Horner, the winner of two awards “Oscar”. To control the synchronization of sound with visuals straight out of the concert hall’s Dutch conductor Ernst van Tiel.

Ildar Bakeev, the CEO of the company Euro Entertainment, which will bring the show to Moscow, said the following:

The music in the movie plays a fundamental role: it helps the audience to properly understand what is happening on the screen. And our experience of the show “Titanic Live” and “the Godfather. Live in Concert” proved that this format of watching movies – with a live performance of the soundtrack – provides the most complete and strong emotional perception of the story. And if the music was written by the legendary James Horner, as is the case with “Strangers”, then God himself commanded to turn to the format of a Symphony concert!

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I must say that this format is quite popular in the West. And if at first the music predominated over all, and the screen just turning slicing memorable episodes, but now there is a bias in the display of the full versions of the films. Sold out concert halls talking about the fact that the viewer such an experiment came to taste.

So, the show will be held October 30, 2017 in the capital’s Crocus city Hall. Tickets on sale from today. Finally view the trailer of the movie-concert “Strangers” in London’s Royal albert Hall. Take a look and try to say that it’s not cool.

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