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“Strangers” Bentley little’s went on sale

Not so long ago we read about the terrible stories that happened at the last Burning Man festival (Burning man). It is now possible to look back again – in the company of the American writer Bentley little.

In the series “Stephen king amazed…” he released his new novel “the Outsiders” (The Disappearance). The book is just starting to spread across the country, and you can order it right now. Official store of the publishing house she is 372 rubles. At present quite tolerable price.

As for Burning man, then all the problems began with attending this event:

During the riotous holiday at the famous festival in the desert “Burning man” Gary is gone girl. If it never existed: gone are all the social media profiles and all official records, parents ‘ house is completely empty. The only clue are strange artifacts – scrolls with prayers for the protection from certain Outsiders. When struck by the contents of the scrolls guy kidnap unknown, he decides that it is the Aliens came for him. But, he will make a terrifying discovery: a Stranger – he…

By the way, is not the only little book that in the near future it will be possible to look through while drinking hot seagulls cold autumn evenings. Already announced a novel “Heritage”; the selling he expected in October, while the cover it is decorated (or intimidating?) another evil clown. Little more, good and different.

Finally, the study cited a fragment of “Outsiders”. The beginning of the novel we can appreciate now.

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