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Strange questions asked at the interview in Google. Photo

Странные вопросы, которые задают на собеседовании в Google. ФотоTricky questions for people with innovative thinking.

In the interview to Google applicants posts usually ask terribly difficult questions, which will literally blow your mind.

Странные вопросы, которые задают на собеседовании в Google. Фото

You can try to answer them. And if it does not, do not worry, you will find the answers immediately.

How much money do you wash all the Windows in Seattle?

This is one of the questions where you have to show cunning and give the simplest answer. Well, let’s say $ 10 per window.

How many piano tuners around the world?

It all depends on what is the need for the services of Adjusters. If the piano should be set once a week and it takes one hour, and the Adjuster works 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, it turns out that he can set 40 piano every week. Answer: the Adjuster one for every 40 pianos.

Странные вопросы, которые задают на собеседовании в Google. Фото

Why is manhole cover round?

The round shape of the lid allows you to ensure that the lid will not fall through the hatch when mounting or Dismounting (rectangular is the lid easily comes in the sunroof housing diagonally).

Can you develop a plan for the evacuation of San Francisco?

Another strange question. And in order to find out what will offer the applicant as a solution to the problem. It would be nice to answer a question with a question: “what disaster is scheduled for today?”

Странные вопросы, которые задают на собеседовании в Google. Фото

How many times a day hands of the clock overlap?

Answer: 22 times























You need to check whether Bob has recorded your phone number …

… but you can’t ask him about it directly. You should write him a note and give it to eve who will take her to Bob and bring back a response from him. What will you write in the note to get Bob to understand what you want from him, and eve are unable to get your phone number?

Because you just “check”, the note just tell him to call you at a certain time. If he calls, so your number he’s got written correctly.

Too simple? You can answer in another way: it is necessary to use a checksum. The note will ask Bob to add all digits of your phone number and write on the sheet the result. When eve will bring his answer, you need only to check amount received.

Странные вопросы, которые задают на собеседовании в Google. Фото

You are the captain of a pirate ship …

… and your team is going to vote how to share the loot gold. If you agree less than half of the pirates, you will die. How do you divide the gold so to get a good part of the booty, but still survive?

Answer: it is Necessary to divide the loot equally between 51% whole team.

You have 8 balls of equal size …

… 7 of them the same weight, but one weighs slightly more than the others. Can you find the ball, which is heavier than the others using the scales only twice?

Take 6 of the 8 balls and put 3 on each side of the scale.

If the heavy ball is in that group no, no the bowl does not outweigh. Now you have to weigh the remaining 2 balls and solve the problem.

If one of the bowls with 3 balls outweighed the other, it means that the heavy ball is in that Cup. Take 3 balls from the Cup, which tipped, and two of them put on the scales. If one of them prevails — he will be the ball that you was looking for. If they weigh the same, it means that the ball you set aside is the heavy ball, which had to be found.

Be able to explain in three sentences what is a database your 8-year-old nephew?

The essence of the question is to check whether the applicant to talk about difficult concepts in plain language. The answer may be: “a Database is a computer that remembers a lot of information about different things. People enjoy them, if someone needs this information. Now go play in the street.”

You shrunk to the size of a 5 cent coin …

… and your mass is proportionally reduced accordingly to your original density. Then you are thrown into an empty blender. Knives come in motion after 60 seconds. Your action?

This question assesses the initiative of the applicant. The best thing you can think of in this situation is not to sit in the blender idly by and try to break the motor.

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