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Strange inventions, popular among the Japanese. Photo

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. ФотоWhy not come up with.

When it comes to a variety of interesting stuff that really nobody needs, just remember the good old Japan. What can we find in the vast Internet space this country? Yes, a lot of things! Today we have selected for you some very strange things that have created smart Japanese, to make my life much better and more interesting, but at the same time to raise us up. To some extent, some of the following things have to be quite a reasonable, but hardly anyone will even buy it, considering that most of the products from Japan are not cheap.

So, enough preamble, let’s get to the main part of our article!

“A bag of decency”

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. Фото

Here’s the very first thought comes in your head at the sight of this picture? Probably something like the new ad of some bags? In principle,you are right, but besides that it is such that the bags began to produce that women could hide as they eat a hamburger. Sometimes, it’s really an eerie sight. Given that these sandwiches here are simply huge, bite him all at once is very problematic, and the entire contents may simply fall out of his mouth. Who cares? Right, anyone! Thanks so bags that wrap the hamburgers, can not be afraid that someone will see you stuffing in her mouth an immense hamburger.

“Unleash your anger!”

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. Фото

But this is a really convenient invention (of course, if it really works the way they write about it). The Japanese released on the markets this kind of thing, which looks like something like a vase, but actually is not. It is a versatile device that helps to cope with anger. Just imagine, you go home from work angry and dissatisfied. In my head swarming thoughts that would not be bad to yell at someone, to pour out all his bad mood, but you don’t go to the nearest store for a sedative and go back home, tell my wife to not touch you for twenty minutes, go to your room, take off the shelf this “vase”, applied to the lips and start yelling that there are forces, thereby releasing all the aggression. And Yes, don’t worry your cries don’t show the whole house, because thanks to above presents thing, your op no one can hear. Interesting, isn’t it? At least, if this invention actually works as its developers anticipate, it will be indispensable satellites in all stressful situations. Definitely recommend!

“Freddy Krueger, crying softly.”

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. Фото

For what, for whom and most importantly, made the invention – is unknown. Judging from what is presented above, here are the gloves completely impractical. On the fingers there is a screwdriver, and a lighter, and a fork, and lots of different stuff, which they hitched. Given that the demand for normal gloves would have been much more than us, those who invented something that is clearly flying. Even judging by appearance, the gloves are just awful. This is the variant when it is better to leave unfinished than done and to show his invention to the world.

The secret stash

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. Фото

But I wonder, would you buy it? Yes, the creation of brilliant ideas and looks like a very nice, but what a reasonable person would be wearing a neck tie, which will be hidden behind a variety of stationery, notepads, and so on? Most likely, it’s just not practical. If you use all the pockets and stuff in there besides the money, what is the percentage that if you suddenly are not so lean, all that stuff fall out? The idea is good, but, alas, it’s absolutely impractical.

Bedside table

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. Фото

But this is the invention that can break the lives of many people. Can you imagine, people now can not come off from the phone and computer, but there is also a possibility in the truest sense of the word, from your sofa, play games, listen to music, watch movies and chat with friends! Of course, this table may become a godsend, especially for people with disabilities, because judging by its design, it is very convenient and practical. But this is only for those who because of illness could not get out of bed, not for you, lazy.

Simulator for the muscles of the face

Странные изобретения, популярные среди японцев. Фото

Really unknown what he can train, but it looks very unusual and weird. Although some firmly believe that, thanks to this miraculous mask, can be something there to get rid of something, so to speak, to train… well, let’s hope that’s the way it is. Importantly, the money that will be spent, was not thrown out in vain. It is true that beauty requires sacrifice. But how many such here the victim is able to go? Would you have bought such a machine? Leave your comments below this article.

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