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Stolen laptops the Razer concept was in China

On the show of mobile electronics CES 2017, held earlier this month, Razer has revealed a number of conceptual laptop with three screens, which aroused great interest from critics and the General public. However, later the laptops were stolen directly from the booth, and a few days ago, they are still there, although very far from the place of presentation.

Demonstration laptops Razer was held in Las Vegas, and now you can buy them in one of the Chinese online stores. Accordingly, the mobile PC are already within the borders of China, and Razer will not be able to prove that they were stolen. For information on the whereabouts of the laptops Razer was given the award in the amount of $25,000, but in the end she will be able to save some money if buy them from criminals. They asked for each concept “only” $21700.

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It is unknown where all this will lead, but since Razer was willing to pay that kind of money for mere information, then, the prototypes of a mobile PC is really very important to her. In fact, the world’s first laptops with three screens, but still maintain high resolution and can be folded for easy transport. Perhaps in the future it would look so top gaming laptops that provides the maximum effect of immersion in virtual reality.

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