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Stewardesses “Aeroflot” declare discrimination based on appearance

Стюардессы "Аэрофлота" заявляют о дискриминации по внешностиOn the complaints of flight attendants on new requirements for appearance and size clothing in November 2016, wrote the publication the Village, but the lawsuits were not previously reported.

Several flight attendants “Aeroflot” has filed a lawsuit against the airline and accused the employer of discrimination of employees by their appearance and the infringement of their labour rights.

Flight attendants say that in the summer of 2016, Aeroflot held a mass photographing and gathered data on the amount of clothes flight attendants. According to the employee of the airline Eugenia Magarinos, data collection took place under the pretext of rebranding and order new forms. She claims that the airline said that abroad will fly “only the young and skinny” and such flights will not be able to service the flight attendants with the size of clothes more 46.

Another flight attendant told “Radio Liberty” that those who did not come under the new settings, deprived of international flights and began to put in frequent and short flights, which are more difficult to endure physically. Other employees of Aeroflot told the publication that the new standards came after the Director Valeri Saveliev returned from a trip to Asia and decided to review the personnel policy with respect to flight attendants. In particular, he allegedly recommended to hire models of Asian appearance as a stewardess in business class, also, there are “wishes” to sit down in front of the customers of a superior class in the squat.

According to the newspaper, filed at least two lawsuits in the Moscow courts — Eugenia Magarinos and another stewardess, whose name is not called. Both were reduced to the so-called success factor; think as women, it happened because of the inconsistency of clothing size the new rules. One of the flight attendants is demanding compensation in the amount of 1 million rubles.

According to employees of “Aeroflot”, following the course of the “struggle for harmony”, the warehouse has taken the form of 50-52 th sizes, and doctors Vlek (medical flight-expert Commission. — RS) as part of a trend for rejuvenation was instructed under any pretext to get rid of “old, fat, scary”. Their files are now separate, say flight attendants, and visiting the women of STS with special predilection on the subject of occupational diseases, which include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and varicose veins.

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