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Steven Spielberg called Ukraine a “second home”

Стивен Спилберг назвал Украину «вторым домом»The Director admitted in the love of Ukraine and the borscht.

In an interview with Today, Steven Spielberg talked about his attachment to Ukraine, Babi Yar, the Holocaust… and the soup. It turns out that the famous Director often thinks about his roots, and the theme of the destruction of Jews in Ukraine during the Second world war inspired him to create the film Schindler’s List.

“I love Ukraine very much. After all, if you didn’t know, in me flows Ukrainian blood: my grandmothers and grandfathers on the maternal side hails from Odessa. And at home we often cook the soup – said Spielberg told reporters.

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The Director also remembered his visit to Kiev in 2006. He came to the presentation of the film about the Holocaust, and on occasion decided to visit the legendary Babi Yar.

“I remember I got off the plane and said, “I’m home”. The first place I went was Babi Yar – I just had to go there and see this terrible place with my own eyes. Remember how I was surprised that in some hundred meters from the place where they were killing people who sell hot dogs. And the place itself… I don’t feel full: much to modernize it, in fact, wiped himself Yar, changed the landscape. Only when I saw old pictures and maps of Yara when compared Yar Yar past and present, my mind finally cleared up.

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Steven Spielberg said that he was so concerned and inspired by the history of the Ukrainian Jews, which he immediately proceeded to create a new project: “by the Way, the Holocaust was unsettling and bothered me always: it is the story of Babi Yar at the time, gave me the idea to make Schindler’s List”.

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