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Steven Seagal talked to the thugs in the Russian commercial: Video

American actor Steven Seagal has starred in a commercial for a famous Russian cellular operator. In a video published on the eve Seagal appears as a guest of the capital, which had to deal with bullies. Using mobile translator hero actor explained surrounded the punks that look for trouble makes no sense. The bullies took only a second to make the right decision.

Steven Seagal talked to the thugs in the Russian commercial: Video

In a festive promotional video hero Steven Seagal, known to the Russian spectators on such films as “under siege”, “Death defying”, “Neither alive not dead,” “Machete” and others, comes with expensive purchases on a Moscow street, but turns the wrong way and is stuck. Here the bullies were caught off guard but Seagal does not allow them to come to his senses.

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The actor runs on your phone mobile translator, and then says in English:soft snow crunches under your feet as the bones of my enemies”.
At this meeting Seagal ends with bullies – they pretty quickly run away from the dark alley, fearing that could happen to them something terrible.

A promotional video with the participation of Steven Seagal
Last Friday Steven Seagal from the hands of President Vladimir Putin, received a Russian passport. As reported the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the decree granting Russian citizenship Segal was signed on 3 November. According to him, the actor, “which is known for its rather warm feelings towards our country, I thought about it.”

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Taking the passport from the hands of Vladimir Putin, Seagal expressed his appreciation for the positive decision on his request:I have a deep respect and affection for Russia. As well as our own country.”
The report of the program “Vesti”

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