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Stern John Bernthal, the perfect “Punisher”

He is well educated and alone can replace almost the whole army. He no longer looks back on the law. His family was murdered by the new Jurassic bandits, and he will take revenge. Meet Frank castle, known in the criminal world as a Punisher.

Just a couple of days ago, we reminisced about the series that Matures in the depths of Netflix and Marvel, before getting to the audience. Then, our network has hit a nice teaser. In anticipation of the full trailer got something else: the image of the Punisher in all its glory. In full uniform, with a signature skull on his chest. Various sources to a common opinion can’t come: someone declares it the official image frame from the first (we hope it will not be the only one?) season, someone calls the promo photo, but in essence, what’s the difference? This is the Punisher, his mother! It’s pretty damn cool.

John Bernal, performer of a title role, in the image fit perfectly, and proved that in the second season of “Daredevil”, where he eclipsed even the main character. Now, when he was given a solo show should be even more interesting. And harder. And darker.

The Punisher (The Punisher) needs to return to television screens this year, roughly in November. Instead, let’s remember one of the most striking scenes Bernthal Punisher in “Daredevil” – the famous massacre at the prison.

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