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Stereotypes about Greece, do not correspond to reality. Photo

Стереотипы о Греции, не соответствующие действительности. ФотоThis country knows how to surprise.

Greece is a country where you can find much more than what is usually written in the guidebooks and colorful brochures. And its popularity among tourists is growing from year to year.

What actually Greece will appeal to any guest.

1. Purity and ecology

Going to Greece, can with great certainty count on such attributes, as fresh air and clean water. Of course, the situation may be different depending on where exactly is the tourist in the city or in the resort area. However, the Greeks really care about the environment and measures for its protection every year are gaining momentum.

It is interesting that in this country there are no nuclear power plants, but the exploitation of alternative energy sources constantly increases its scale. The use of solar energy allows each year to avoid the emission of more than 1.5 million tons of harmful substances.

Стереотипы о Греции, не соответствующие действительности. Фото

2. “Inevitable” sea

Distance to the sea from any point of Greece usually no more than 137 km. That’s why the probability of being on the coast or a picturesque beach here is always very high, whatever point neither was selected.

In addition, Greece is consistently in the top countries with the most clean and well equipped beaches in Europe. Every year the number of beaches in Greece, receives the award “Blue flag”, is growing. In 2018 their number was 519, more than a hundred of them are on the island of Crete. The award “Blue flag” — a kind of guarantor of quality the beach.

3. Airports

In Greece there are about 50 airports, 15 of which are international. Well-established flights allows you to plan your visit to this country easily and conveniently. Due to the large number of points of departure and arrival of aircraft you can easily get from one point to another Greece.

There are even airfields on the small Islands. For example, the travel time from Athens to the famous Santorini by ferry will be 6-10 hours, and the plane is just 40-50 minutes. In addition, air travel is a great way to travel around the Islands in the off-season, as the ferries usually run from April to October.

4. Road

Roads in Greece are good. Even the local, not only of highways of national importance. This, in turn, is an additional argument in order to travel the country by car. Road signs in Greek and English. There are also convenient indicators (brown color) for tourists, which indicate the various attractions.

Стереотипы о Греции, не соответствующие действительности. Фото

5. The quality of the food

The quality of the food in Greece at the highest level. Everything is simple and at home. Despite the fact that, as in any country, there is always a chance to encounter with the exception of typically the Greek food is always fresh and natural, prepared with local products.

In addition, here you should definitely try a truly Greek dishes, even if you tried to cook like this at home, in the supposedly original recipes. For example, a real one, with nothing comparable to the taste of the famous moussaka is possible to learn here.

6. Portion sizes

The portion size of the food in Greece deserves special attention. They are just huge. One serving may be enough for at least two people. It is worth considering this when choosing dishes at the restaurant. Often even when you order one dish, the Greeks are asking in advance how many people should bring instruments.

Стереотипы о Греции, не соответствующие действительности. Фото

7. Security

In Greece, the crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe, and the rating of the security of the country is very high. This fact makes the stay here even more comfortable. In this country you can safely travel alone with children, and even hitchhiking.

Hotel theft in Greece is quite rare, but even if they do happen, the attackers are not Greeks, and guests. That is why, despite all the benefits of secure country, in the popular tourist areas should be alert.

8. Hospitality

The Greeks mostly welcoming and hospitable. In this country, a highly revered family values and respect for others from small to large. Although I appeal to all to “you”, regardless of the age difference.

Residents of Greece are willing to meet, communicate, invite to itself in guests. Once in the house of the Greek, you can be sure that you spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, as well as that you will be fed, delicious and very satisfying. By the way, with empty hands to come should not be. A treat can be to take something for dessert, sweets or fruits. To take off their shoes in the Greek houses is not accepted.

Стереотипы о Греции, не соответствующие действительности. Фото

9. The taste of life

Life in this country in a measured and unhurried. The Greeks don’t like to rush, they seem to relish every moment. As an experiment, can you at least leave in this country to try to adhere to the “Greek” mode of the day. Rise with the dawn, the afternoon break from 14:00 to 17:00 (incidentally, at this time almost all the institutions also break) and sleep after 23:00.

The lack of fuss and anxiety, as well as a philosophical attitude to everything here, let you feel the real taste of life.

10. Carnivals

The peak tourist flow occurs from April to October. However, in the off-season in Greece you can find a lot of things to do. For example, visit the many carnivals, the scope of which can easily compete with Brazilian. Spend them usually from January to March.

Стереотипы о Греции, не соответствующие действительности. Фото

Of course, every country has its own attractions, monuments, areas and landscapes that are worth visiting. Greece is no exception. However, there are other nuances that make each journey special. Such details create a unique atmosphere and character of the country.

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