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Stephen king says that the series “the Dark tower” will be a reboot!

Let us be honest: in terms of artistic the film “the Dark tower” was, if not full of guano, it is clearly below average, absolutely confounding the expectations of fans of the same literary cycle, which is more noticeable on the background of the rapid success of the film adaptation of another work of Stephen king (you know what).

Meanwhile, if you remember, the movie Nicholas Arsala had to initiate not only a series of films, but also TV series. However, movie and rental service made extremely mediocre, gathering a worldwide $ 110 million with a budget of 60 million (plus advertising costs). Which, of course, casts doubt on the future of the project, despite the fact that the development of the series still is.

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In the latest interview with himself, Stephen king said what he thinks about this film and what you can expect from the series. Hush! Quiet, quiet, quiet… King says!

The main difficulty was that we had to make a film based on a series of books, which is very large, about 3000 pages. Another difficulty was due to the fact that it was decided to make a film rated PG-13 based on books that are extremely violent and are dealing with violence visual. It was the obstacles that had to be overcome, though I have to say I think that screenwriter Akiva Goldsman did an amazing job, take the main part of the book and turning it into what I thought was a pretty good movie.Television series that they are developing… let’s See what happens. It will be like a full reboot, so just let’s see.

The development of the series involved in the company Media Rights Capital and Sony Pictures Television, and the development is still in a very early stage. It is assumed that in the first season will be 10 to 13 episodes.

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