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Stephen king is regaining the rights to several famous works

This year, like no other, was rich with brilliant debuts associated with the name of the King of Terrors. Some were shot, some don’t, and we still have a couple of interesting pieces. The writer himself is worried about the fate of the old adaptations.

Appeared information about the fact that SAI king in the last year, submit an application to regain the rights to a number of works that formed the basis for the movies “the Dead zone” by David Cronenberg, “cujo” and “Cat’s eye” by Lewis Teague, “children of the corn” Fritz Kirsch, “Firestarter” Mark L. Lester and the anthology “Kaleidoscope of horrors” George Romer.

Some of these paintings have grown sequels, turned into a multiseries franchise, but if the current copyright holders want to continue to cultivate these fertile lands, they need to hurry. Already on 1 September 2018 all legal rights to the above intellectual property will go back to Stephen king.

After this point, if someone has a desire to film one of the things on the list, he will need to contact the writer. So, we are waiting for new, potentially interesting deals and, again, the possible rebirth of an abandoned earlier shows from other studios. New blood, competition is always good.

Probably after this news, several of kinodela spur horses. For example, Akiva Goldsman and Jason Blum are preparing a remake of “Firestarter”, but the implementation of these plans remained only one year, and then have to re-negotiate with the king. Although to see the history girls pyrokinetic from the Studio Blumhouse would be curious.

Rabid St. Bernard, too, I remember going back to the screens, but it was a long time ago, and frankly, the remake of “cujo” smacked of delirium.

And just a few days ago it became known that the battle began over the copyright to the “Children of corn”, but Dimension Films is already the tenth film was shot in full.

Well, let’s see how it will end!

In any case, we’ve got the premiere of “It” on the nose!

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