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Stephen king can continue the series “the Dark tower”

Cinematic “the Dark tower” has not met expectations of fans and the creators are going to be rehabilitated on television, staging a restart of the story in a series. God help them, but what about the literary source? The main cycle ended in 2004 with the novel, which was called “the Dark tower”. Then twelve years later we were able to re-look into this wonderful world of post-apocalyptic fantasy Western, because the press had published a small book “the Wind through the keyhole”. And then what? Is that all?

Recently, Stephen king was involved in the presentation of his joint with his son Owen, the novel “Sleeping beauty”. In the event one of the fans took, and asked Mr. king, is there a chance you write another story from the series “the Dark tower”?

Yes, I think it can happen.

This was the answer of the King of terrors, and we say, thank this.

No details, no promises, but these words are enough to make the hearts of fans cherished the hope. Below you can see a video proof, which depicted the passage from the presentation.

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