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Stephen king answered unhappy clowns

We have already mentioned that the teaser trailer of the movie “It” Andres, Moschetti caused discontent among professional clowns. Say, their profession and so slowly dying, and here the filmmakers strongly feed public hostility to fun and spooky guys in makeup. Red nose, huge shoes, bun – someone like the characters brings a smile and joy, and who has inexplicable fear. There is a special term for fear of clowns – coulrophobia. So all these fears came from nowhere. However, the clowns took up arms against the creators of the new version of “It”, because immediately after the release of the trailer, the number of orders for the holidays and children’s activities declined sharply. Someone even likened the current attitude of people to the clowns… racism! What did not happen. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Anyway, the echoes of this slightly amusing scandal has reached Stephen king, who actually came up with a terrible clown Pennywise, the iconic villain from the world of horror. The king of Horror considered it my duty to respond to the claims. Here is what he wrote in his Twitter:

Clowns mad at me. Sorry, most of you are wonderful. BUT… the kids were always afraid of clowns. Do not punish the messenger for bad news.

In fact, the king announced that everyone should understand. This phobia does not come from the ceiling and certainly did not rise to the trailer for “It”. The literary source was released in late 1986, and the first film adaptation in 1990. Those who feared Pennywise then, already raising their own children. And even earlier, in the 70s, the world was shocked by the murder of John Gacy, the clown known as Pogo. Since then, the “creepy clown” was established as a genre archetype, and in the horror of that image has been used quite actively. And why? This question in the comments to the previous record accurately answered by the writer Alexey Provotorov:

Clowns are just dumb, that’s the whole secret. Necha blame the mirror.

In fact, there are in them “something”. In the end, many do not like clowns on some subconscious level, and the movies with the books here at anything. And professional clowns should be happy that there are still those who perceive them well, with laughter, jokes and rhymes. And realize the simple fact that it is impossible to please everybody. Someone from children, for example, loves robots, especially in these progressive days. And some of their fears, because he knows that sooner or later, artificial intelligence will try to enslave humanity… and we are in anticipation of this event, once again view the trailer for “It” and try to notice there’s still something interesting for another fan-made theories.

From the realm of death, a new incarnation of chilling horror. IT lurks in the shadows everywhere. And here are a few school friends, returning home to meet THIS face to face. IT knows all their fears, as if deeply hidden they may be, IT draws power from hatred and frustration. A creature without a name and clear forms eating that nasty and evil that lurked in them.

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