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Stephen Hawking has predicted the death of all mankind

Стивен Хокинг предсказал гибель всего человечестваFamous scientist predicts the transformation of the Earth into a boiling ocean.

A distinguished British scientist, science popularizer Stephen Hawking has shared far not the most iridescent prospects, which threaten the population of the Earth in the future.

According to his hypothesis, the planet needs to turn into some sort of Venus, covered with a boiling ocean.

The result of the origin of catastrophic climate change living conditions on Earth will become unsuitable for people who just die, if not in time to leave. Responsibility for the probable tragic consequences Hawking has put in the President of the United States Donald trump who flaunted signing of the Paris climate agreement, which, in his opinion, requires an investment of huge funds the country needs for other sectors is more important than ecology.

Astrophysicist requires world leaders to urgently address the most pressing problems, global warming, which will help to lead to disaster. If no action is taken, the surface of the planet covered with a vast boiling ocean, and constantly be pouring acid rain.

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