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Step to the end

Шаг к концу

The virus was the catalyst that accelerated the internal decay of the existing order.

During a pandemic, the Russian authorities, headed by Putin offered the people an object lesson for the future – state you have not, it does not belong to you.

Your taxes do not concern them and for us, this is your tribute. You have no rights. Obligations to you we have.

Your business is your private business, force majeure is grounds to support you through tax you paid. We will “cut” your responsibility to pay. You have no rights. Obligations to you we have.

Your health means nothing to us – we will have to use when it is necessary for us (parades, conscription, forced labor in the epidemic, physicians), not responding to you for the consequences – even get sick, even die. You have to type “ticks” (the finding of the Lipetsk Governor-“edrosa” Artamonova). You have no rights. Obligations to you we have.

In other words, another “great victory” of Russian authorities over the people (yet was able to pay off a small price) led to the weakening of the country.

Authorities gave the people an object lesson that they should care only about himself, but about some sort of “public interest” do not think. To sacrifice for the “state” their lives, health, money means to be an idiot.

The pandemic continues in Russia, the economic crisis develops. Hope that government and citizens make common cause, in our impression, was gone. The authorities have shown themselves as hostile to citizens power.

Existing in Russia, the order took another, invisible to him, step to its end.


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