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Step left, step right nightmare

Шаг влево, шаг вправо — кошмар

In Russia, any attempt of the authorities to “protect” the nation turns to the imposition of prohibitions and construction fences.

Lights — to set, trees to cut, garages — demolition (crossed out) to paint. In school and out of school is only established by the city hall route. Deviated child from the course — parents to answer.

“If the student for any reason will be forced to change the route, for example, want to go to grandma’s, to the store or walking with friends, parents must notify the school about it,” media quoted the Chairman of the Saratov Committee for education Larisa Revutsky.

“I gave the assignment to any shoots was not. Require the services of an accomplishment to cut everything. Each street is viewed from one end to the other. Then it will appear who have no motivation to sit in the grass, behind the bushes, trees, sit to drink and so on,” said mayor Michael Isaev.

This is the results of brainstorming in the Saratov city hall to increase security after the murder of nine-year-old Lisa. Along with Gogol, Saltykov-Shchedrin would give all the royalties for his full transcript. Such creativity adults vested with the powers of the people — the apotheosis of helplessness and, to put it mildly articulate, poor education.

Lanterns, of course, the city will be lighter. But sawed trees sorry. And to oblige the children to go order at the “fixed route” — is impossible in principle.

Maybe, Saratov leaders were born from bureaucratic portfolios in hand, but those who are in the child wore packs, remember that the road to school and back especially is often the only time of freedom, when you can get some breathe from the constant care of family and school. Therefore, to force a normal child to not shy away from the route, or if to drive it there and back under escort, or is to carry on the school bus. Either the convoy or the bus in Saratov there is no money. And therefore will cut trees and the nerves of parents. Three or four months. Then, as usual, everything will come to naught — until a new tragedy.

But the reaction of the authorities and companies in trouble is extremely significant. There are two approaches to security. The first is to protect children from any potential troubles fences and prohibitions: do not go here, it’s not read, not to look over there. However, this stuffy care of adults rather protect its own nerve cells. Depriving the of their dearest loved ones, although still small, people rights, freedoms, comfort and often of health. Read parent chats — and it is scary to imagine what it would be in the country, lead it to the average mother of a first grader. Or maybe it has already happened, since the whole government is behaving like a crazy person “to Azamat”, which will give it all playgrounds will twine barbed wire in three rows?

However, even if to each student to put on resguardar (which is basically impossible — who opposition rallies to disperse), it will not solve all problems. That is, the probability of an attack of a maniac may be reduced, but, unfortunately, most children become victims of pedophiles are not accidental, and relatives, neighbors and friends of the family. From them, no national guard, along with the guardianship will not protect.

The second approach is to create a safe environment. And it’s not about barbed wire and sawing trees. This is about proper work of the Federal penitentiary service and the police, including full supervision who have served their sentence, including their device to work.

This is about a normal job and a real, not a reporting vehicle interior. In the same Saratov from the 138 network cameras Safe city, by estimations of police officers, fully working no more than 20, and the rest need replacement, repair or maintenance.

That precinct, which is not the endless papers you need to fill, and the territory of its bypass, to signals of citizens to respond. A repeat offender who killed Lisa, had six convictions. Last one was for rape with robbery committed on the day of release after the previous release. Him needed enhanced control. But today the district face more around the apartment potential opposition than real criminals and drug addicts.

Safe environment is a fair trial. For its latest crime killer Lisa received 6.5 years, slightly more than recently, the Prosecutor demanded for accidentally detainee at metro actor Paul Ustinov and a little more than I received Konstantin Kotov, punished to four years in prison for pickets in defence of the wrongfully convicted.

To cure hopelessly ill state institutions of Saratov officials, of course, incapable. But how to react to people’s wrath falls. So do what you can — the lights are hung, trees cut down, “the established routes” develop. In government and society has developed a standard response to any threat, disaster struck — or have to offer the death penalty to return, or (all that is left to the local authorities) fences to fence.

The improvement of the environment also affect safety. But in countries where rights and freedoms are not an empty sound environment changes under influence of man, and not Vice versa. “As fish cannot live in clean water, and children cannot live in a clean, quiet and controlled environment,” these are the words of architect Tezuka that Takahara, who designed the famous Japanese children’s garden with a large circular roof, which is a endless Playground. If the kids like to run, you just have to organize the space so that it is responsive to their needs and was safe, decided urbanist. From walking the roof, of course, there is a fence, but not the solid head between the bars will not stick, feet and hands all you want, kids are just a joy.

However, joy is not our way. We better turn the city into a concrete desert, which ranks, according to pre-established routes and walk in both children and adults. And no walking around the city without the consent of the authorities. And more than three not to gather. And pickets not to get up. And it is better not to smile — this is also suspicious, smells of riots.

But even in this case, our children are unlikely to be safe. There, in the Kirov region not a criminal, a pedophile, and the most common major police knocked down to the death of six children. According to the examination results revealed that he was drunk — not major, but the boy on the bike, which now has all chances to become a culprit posthumously.

According to media reports, the investigator asked the father of the deceased to find a common language with the police, who shot down his son. They say: you know, he’s a police officer… Yes, all have long been aware about the police, and about other leaders and guarantors of the law. And nothing good is understanding for them and for us will not end. A matter of time.

What kind of safety.

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