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Stem cells will be able to print to the printer

Стволовые клетки смогут печатать на принтереDeveloped the first printer embryonic stem cells.

Imagine: a specialist takes living cells, load them into the likeness of the printer and obtains the three-dimensional fabric, which may be a kidney or a heart.

This idea is becoming more real. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh created the first printer human embryonic cells.

The printer was able to produce drops of uniform cells. While the cells were alive and could in the future turn into other types of cells. If you develop technology, you will be able not only to print organs, but also to test new drugs or to print cells directly into the human body.

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The device is made of a modified machine with numerical control. In cartridges instead of paint – the stem cells floating in a nutrient solution (substrate) and the substrate.

These “ink” sprayed layers (get drops of different concentrations of the smallest drops contain about five cells). Printing is performed on the surface of the bowls with small indentations. According to the tests, more than 95% cells were alive after 24 hours. More than 89% remained in this condition three days later (they could turn into other cells).

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