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Stefania Malikov told about the death of granddaughter Platon Lebedev

According to foreign media reports, November 24, in Switzerland, in the district of Lugano, in the lake fell the car, which was 19-the summer girl and 23-year-old man, both died. The deceased Diana Lebedeva was the granddaughter of businessman Platon Lebedev, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of group “Menatep” and the defendant in a criminal case of Yukos.

The girl and her young man was racing on the highway from Lugano to Geneva. Behind the wheel was a young man who lost control, the car struck a guardrail and flew to lake Lugano. The car was raised from the seabed with special equipment. Information about the girl’s death was confirmed by the Russian Embassy in Switzerland.

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Friends of Diana Express her condolences, and her friend Stefania Malikov revealed and the circumstances of the tragedy. In Instagram’s daughter Dmitry Malikov wrote a touching post: “it is Impossible to describe what I feel… a Huge tragedy. Dianka… pure heart and pure soul! Physically you’re not with us, but in our hearts you’ll live forever! I don’t believe and can’t believe it. You were so incredibly beautiful, both internally and externally, cheerful, sincere, cheerful and wonderful person! God takes the best. And you were just like that. Sleep tight, angel! PS No racing was not, there was a heavy fog, the road serpentine, wind, and the driver has not coped with management. Be kinder and more humane people! Do not judge or discuss! Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Rest in peace, Diana” (Spelling and punctuation authors — approx. ed.).

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The place where the tragedy happened, the locals called “devil’s bridge”. Relatives of the victims have already arrived in Switzerland. Now organizing delivery of the bodies of Diana and her friend in Russia.

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