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“Steel” and “Star” minimally upset the favorites

«Сталь» и «Звезда» минимально огорчают фаворитовThe matches in Odessa and Kiev, launched the 24-th round of the championship of Ukraine on football.

“Steel” away out “Chernomorets” and progressed to 10th place. The only goal in the 18th minute, scoring leader guests Orest Kuzyk – forward received the ball after a flank pass and powerful shot left out of work the goalkeeper of the Sailors. “Steel” completely controlled the game and regularly scored the second victory in a row.

Chernomorets — Steel 0:1
Goal: Kuzyk, 18

Chernomorets: Armless Chairs, Zubeyko, Ionic (Hameluck, 71), Bamba (Bobko, 61) — Black, Smirnov, Tatarko, Kovalets, Silvio (Matyazh, 60) — Semyon.

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Steel: Stumps — Jonathan, Grachev, Osypka, Klimchuk (Thiago Rômulo, 77) — Zadiraka, Yakimov (Hooves, 63), Mysyk, Meskhi, Ebert (Danielyan, 46) — Kuzyk.

Warning: Tiago Romulo, Smirnov, Mysyk

A request for preservation of a place in the Premier League and made a “Star”, suddenly on the road beat “Olympic”. The key moment of the match came in the 60th minute of Bratkov decided on a long shot, and the ball took a deflection from Ochigava was in the net Makharadze. “Star” as soon as the ball retreated to their goal without special problems has beaten off attack of the nominal owners.

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Olympic Star 0:1
Goal: Ochigava, 60 (own goal)

Olympic: Makharadze — Partsvania, Mishchenko (Ochigava, 46), Vakulenko, Nemchaninov — Doronin, Vukovic — Kisil, Generous, Pasic (Zacharkiw, 64) — White (Sanda, 46).

Star: Paste Keita (Bilonog, 73), Chap, Fateev — Hovhannisyan (Malinowski, 76), Zagalsky, Gedge (Yampil’, 90+2), Drachenko, Cupa — Rassadkin, Kondrakov.

Warning: Zacharkiw, Makharadze — Keith, Zagalsky, Gedge.

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