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“Steamship” SUV Jeep Wrangler was surprised by its power. Video

"Пароходный" внедорожник Jeep Wrangler удивил своей мощью. Видео A jeep equipped with a steam engine, caught the attention of motorists.

Practicality Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a steam engine is in doubt, but, nevertheless, why not do it in order to attract attention. Looks like tuner Hauk Designs LLC. of Pennsylvania, specializing in SUVs, it happened. Under the “hood” Wrangler they installed a steam engine 1960-ies. Despite the fact that the “issues” he’s only 130 – 140 HP power, torque rolls — 3 390 Nm.

Despite the exotic nature of the engine and a huge torque, professionals left the standard six-speed gearbox, albeit with only one front, one low and one reverse gear. At that time, as the front part of the car may seem quite easy, the rear, on the contrary, received in the water tank 200 liters, a huge boiler and a 60-liter tank of kerosene. This required installation of a third axle and two extra wheels. Plus, “steamship” SUV turned out to 1 meter and 30 cm longer than conventional models.

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Under an elongated body — stock brakes Jeep BDS springs and Fox shocks in the front, and a modified steering box from Toyota. Rear suspension remains basically the same as in the standard. Inside, the car is a mix typical of an SUV with the engine — manual water pumps, regulators, steam and switches, steam pressure gauge 1 800 years, the steering wheel is made to order, and… the stereo system is Kicker.

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