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Steam will appear of Agony uncensored

As you may recall, on the eve of the release of the game Agony it was found that the sheet from where they had cut. Later they showed us the deleted scenes and there was a fierce ad!

First, the developers of Madmind Studio was going to release a patch for PC, which would have added to the game all conditionally zatsenzureno, but in the end, in the face of possible lawsuits and the prohibition of Agony in General they had to pass. Fortunately, at this point in the policy Steam has been a significant change: the company Valve decided to abandon censorship, and now the platform will support any legal content. Exceptions will be only the projects that are created solely for the sake of trolling.

So we have a good news for those who did not have enough tin in the cruel Agony. Three months later, the developers plan to release any DLC, or a separate version of the game under the heading of Agony superior, which will contain all the deleted scenes and other elements that can be added or corrected at the request of users. Fortunately the gameplay is addictive, as they say, requires a serious revision.

Anyway, for those who already shelled out for the license of Agony to worry about. In the presence of the original, the new version will be either free or will get players a discount of 99%.

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