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Steam began Halloween sale!

Halloween is the time when evil comes out of their hiding places, to walk down the streets and have fun side by side with mere mortals dudes in suits Pennywise and Harley Quinn. You know what would be the most popular outfit for Halloween 2017, isn’t it? But above all, Halloween is the time of discounts in the Steam!

Fortunately it is not necessary to spend all the time at parties among poorly disguised humans and monsters. You can comfortably sit at home, cut out a face from the pumpkin, insert a candle, watch a horror movie, well, to hack to death in some survival horror! Again, this can be done in the company of friends or new friends in the multiplayer modes, which are provided by many modern games.

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So the Halloween sale on Steam officially kicked off!

The selection of games is rich, dazzled! There are Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, which is kind of like liking fans of the series. Present the first part of The Evil Within. Again, if before it was not before, should pay attention to Friday the 13th: The Game that pleases a large number of things in recent times, and Dead by Daylight, where just today there was Freddy Krueger.

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Well, if you are the proud owner of a virtual reality helmet, you may want to use Duck Season, where a familiar pain to the shooter ducks for Nintendo from my childhood turns into something nightmarish. And remember, we wrote about an underwater horror Narcosis? It is also possible to purchase now with a pretty healthy discount.

Word, see for yourself, take your time, but wasting time. Halloween sale on Steam will end at 20:00 on 1 November Moscow time.

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