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Stations raised prices for gasoline

АЗС повысили цены на бензинA number of large networks of stations raised prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in the range of 20-70 cents per liter.

A number of major filling stations on Monday, October 8, increased prices of gasoline and diesel fuel in the range of 20-70 cents per liter. This is evidenced by the daily price monitoring of the Consulting group A-95.

Network AMIC all types of gasoline rose by 20 cents per liter, diesel fuel – 50 kopecks./l. the Price of gasoline a-92 rose to 31.99 UAH/liter, A-95 – to 32.99 UAH/liter, A-95+ – to 33,99 UAH/l, diesel fuel – to 31.99 UAH/liter.

Networks OKKO and WOG diesel also added 50 cents per liter – to 33.49 UAH/liter.

The network raised the price of all fuels by 50-70 cents: the price of gasoline a-92 grew to of 34.49 UAH/liter, A-95 – up of 35.49 UAH/liter, A-95+ – to 36.49 UAH/l, diesel fuel – to UAH 33,19/L.

70 kopecks./l increased the prices of petrol and diesel fuel in the network of Hope.

Network Shell, Glusco, BRSM-Nafta, Chipo and Luxwen increased the price of 3-70 kopecks./l.

It is also reported that from 5 to 8 October, the gas network has increased the price of autogas is on average 1 to 40 cents per liter.

In particular, in the largest consolidated network group, the Private cost of petrol increased by 9-11 liter of avias autogas rose to 14.98 UAH/l, in the network Ukrnafta – up to 14,93 UAH/liter.

Autogas stations Glusco and Chipo rose by 20 kopecks./l and 30 kopecks./l – to 15.70 UAH/liter and of 15.34 UAH/liter, respectively.

Stations OKKO, WOG, SOCAR, AMIC, Shell, KLO, UPG, Hope, BRSM-Nafta, Luxwen, Mango, and a Quorum of autogas rose to 1-40 kopecks./l.

The average retail price of diesel fuel across the country on 8 October rose by 20 kopecks./l gasoline – 3 to 6 kopecks./l.

The average price of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine on 8 October made up 15.47 UAH/liter (+11 kopecks./l).

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