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State of emergency in Kiev: former policeman smashed his head patrol

ЧП в Запорожье: бывший милиционер разбил голову патрульномуFor assaulting a police officer man faces five years in prison.

In Zaporizhia, a former police officer he crushed the head of the patrol.

It happened in one of the departments of the city. Hooliganism was brought there by man, and when he removed the handcuffs, he attacked a policeman with his fists.

Late in the evening in the center of Zaporozhye two men were shouting and swearing. Hearing drunken shouting, passers-by called the police. The patrol detained one of the brawlers and brought to the police Department.

When the bully took off the handcuffs, he hit the patrol with a fist to the head. “Fast” took a policeman unconscious. The diagnosis – a brain concussion and a skull fracture.

“It’s blunt trauma that caused damage to the delicate bones of the sinuses the paranasal sinuses. Frontal sinus damage without brain damage”, – said the head of the neurosurgical Department of the Zaporozhye city hospital ambulance Dmitry Ivakhnenko.

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“Tomorrow should do the surgery to install a titanium plate,” – said the father of the victim Alexander gemkow.

According to the victim’s father, of the son struck the former employee of GAI. After the attack he was sent to jail, but the court changed the measure of restraint to house arrest.

“This man has some kind of “roof” in the interior Ministry, he was brought to trial, but he got away with it, and he just came out of the Department, a foot opening the door, that’s all”, – said Alexander gemkow.

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Socialize with bully journalists failed. The police did not report any name or address. It is known that he is 29 years old, and he had worked in the “body”.

“Immediately opened criminal proceedings. The person who caused the injuries to a policeman, were detained. Regardless of whether he is a former police officer, current police officer whether he is the man who committed the crime should be brought to justice,” – said the head of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye area Oleg Zolotonosha.

For assaulting a police officer man faces five years in prison. Patrol and Vladimir Zemkova will be a long rehabilitation.

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