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State “business”

Государственный "бизнес"

(On materials of the bourgeois media) Recently, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, using its sources in the government told the details of the implementation of the state program titled “the Formation of a comfortable urban environment”[1]. This program focuses on the improvement of urban areas, cleaning of yards and streets. It would seem, a good thing for which to praise the government, but not so simple and rosy. “Vedomosti” revealed and told such details of design and implementation of state programs that allow firsthand, in this specific practical example to understand than is the state apparatus (state) and who it serves; how the system works for political technologies or sell and brainwashing “of the electorate”; how “business” or as monopolistic “business” is exempt in their favor currency.

Государственный "бизнес"

Why the need for a state program

Every citizen of our country knows in what a sad state our streets and yards, especially with that familiar, those citizens who live away from centres and in old yards. Somehow found out about it and the government of the Russian Federation and wondering about improving the lives of ordinary citizens, but thought peculiar, for “democratic”market. “Vedomosti” quoted a “source close to the presidential administration”, which says that in 2013, “political circles started talking about the improvement of the urban environment”, but due to the lack of “internal positive agenda” the money is not allocated, because “people don’t notice”. Here the uninitiated reader will not understand what the phrase means: the lack of “internal positive agenda”, but the newspaper itself is explained to us mere mortals, which mean high in “political circles”. It turns out the party “United Russia” in preparation for the presidential elections 2018, needed to justify its existence, and in this connection, initiated the development of the program for improvement of the urban environment. This program was conceived by the party of millionaires, as the main tool in the election campaign as the main argument in self-promotion campaign. According to the source, “Vedomosti” from “Ed. Russia”: “Now this is one of the main donors of the party and its candidates”(!).

In 2017, the program has allocated 56.5 billion rubles, and only 24.5 billion rubles from the Federal budget and the rest from regional budgets. It is quite clear that the regional authorities, accustomed yourself to “learn” sweet cakes, were outraged and did not want to “order” a yard of Russian provincial cities and towns. The Federal center, represented by the Ministry of construction of Russia, popularly explained to provincial officials that they are wrong and need to work on the political stability of the government. According to Mr. Lapwing (who was at that time Deputy of the Ministry of construction of Russia), conducted weekly videoselector Vice-governors were “broken” and “enlightened” until they changed their attitude to this program. The result of this for reassurance even to the governors realized the essence and benefit of this idea: throw “electorate” a bone in the form of something as well-arranged yards in exchange for political and state power in

the country. As rightly noted by “Vedomosti”, Moscow state University Professor Natalia Zubarevich: “…In urgent medicine, housing, roads – we need tens of trillions. And benches, flowers is noticeable. And report possible”.

In past covertly sell the state power went over and outright manipulation: to increase the turnout at presidential elections in some areas were organized simultaneously with the presidential vote and vote on the projects of improvement areas and courtyards. According to “Vedomosti” on polling stations came to vote, an additional 16 million people who probably voted for the President of the Russian Federation. In General, according to an anonymous source, “Vedomosti” from the presidential administration, the combination of increased turnout by 4-5% of voters.

According to “Vedomosti” on the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” in two years spent more than 100 billion rubles. According to “Vedomosti” the program of improvement was not high – a lot of money was “smeared” on hundreds of cities, and the execution was reduced to a primitive rolling the asphalt in our yards. But it is obvious that more was not needed – the goal slightly to “powder” the yards to the campaign to shout it to the whole world is made.

State.a program for improvement is not limited only to sell the “electorate” – it was accompanied by the removal of the enormous amounts of public money into private pockets.

“Business” in life, not from textbooks

Among the hundreds of thousands of firms available on the market of the Russian Federation, there is a “CB “Strelka”, which the “invisible hand” of the market literally worked miracles for a couple years. In 2014 Strelka, with a share capital of 100 000 rubles for a year of existence, won the contest by 1 billion rubles for the development of standards for improvement of Moscow the program “My street”. In 2016, on the direct instructions of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, 100% state-owned JSC “HOUSE.Russia” has concluded the contract with “Arrow” on the development of concepts of improvement of 230 “public spaces” for 40 cities. The contract value amounted to 3.8 billion rubles. And in the same 2016 “Arrow” again receives another contract with the city of Moscow under the program “My street” in the 890 million.

The reason for this commercial success CB “Strelka”, according to “Vedomosti”, is the fact that the founders and managers of the “Arrows” have been able to foresee the need of the state in the improvement of the urban environment and to offer their unique services in this area. The online edition of Inc., in terms of fog the brain, goes further and says that “Hand” really captured “the spirit of the time and led the rising wave of fashion for the improvement”. Its “executives” realize that “big things are formulated at the stage of problem definition” and therefore decided “that focus only on pre-design”. While “Arrow” was working at “Western standards”, i.e. “to carry out numerous studies based on them to create models of the project and briefs for architects, and then evaluate the proposed prototypes from the point of view of compliance tasks”. Talented “top Manager” CB “Strelka”, “first

figured out how to correctly package this set of services.” As a result, “CB “Strelka” became “a powerful conglomerate of competencies” able to “conduct a meta-analysis of global standards of design and to bring them to Russia”, and helped “to realize that urban planning and public space is important”[2].

All this devoid of the sense of pseudo-scientific chatter, designed for the ignorant and naive students. The realities of life do not have anything in common with these, is littered with English terms, abstruse arguments in the spirit of economic liberalism. The actual secret of their demand of KB “Strelka” and the secret of huge cash flow, shed on the unremarkable LTD, lies in its owner. The owner of the companies is billionaire Alexander Mamut. Mamut owns 80% of the “Arrows” and 10% is owned by two assistant Mamut (for fashion – “top managers”).

Alexander Mamut not just a “businessman” – he’s a very rich entrepreneur, who not only owns 2.5 billion dollars (according to Forbes[3]), but also has a direct relationship with the “Yeltsin family”. The beginning of the commercial success of Mamut coincided with the destruction of the Soviet Union[4]. His father, Leonid Mamut was one of the drafters of the Constitution and, probably, with its help Alexander received entrance to the “family of Yeltsin.” Anyway, but Junior Mamut, leading in the 90s “business” was in constant contact with various agencies and officials of the government of the Russian Federation and other state structures. In the 1996 presidential elections Mamut is actively helping Yeltsin by making a contribution of 280 million rubles to the Fund E. B. N. Since 1998 Mamut already the economic Advisor in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, and in 1999 he became adviser to the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, which at that time was Alexander Voloshin, one of the key figures of the “Yeltsin family”. Using such a close position to the key figures of such a key group for government and business in Russia as “the Yeltsin family”, Mamut to the early 2000s managed to advance to important positions in the government of his longtime companion Mikhail Kasyanov and his subordinate Igor Shuvalov. It is the Minister, as Deputy Prime Minister of the government, will be one of the main lobbyists mamudovski “Arrows”. Another official, actively contributing to the interests of the Mamut was Deputy Minister Pluchek, who once worked as an assistant Shuvalov and thus, too, was under the influence of Mamut. Despite the fact that Igor Shuvalov was replaced by chair, Vice-Premier of the Government of the Russian Federation to the chair of the VEB he continued efforts to ensure mamudovski the “Arrows” of public money. Now he’s not government and the state Bank imposes services “Arrows” on the improvement of cities. Among the lobbyists mamudovski “Arrows” is the current Chairman of the State.Duma Volodin, who, being in friendly relations with Mamut, according to Inc. magazine, contributed to the very first contract “Arrows”.

In connection with such blatant lobbying activity, one anonymous Federal official showily perplexed in conversation with the correspondent of “Vedomosti”: “It’s strange, of course, that two of the state institution – Building.Of the Russian Federation and the web make marketing a private company.”

But if it was limited only to special opportunities Mamut for obtaining government contracts, that would be half the trouble. But it is not, the other half of the problem is how Mamut and his “Arrow” has fulfilled the state contract and what product they have created for the state.

“Vedomosti” has tried to understand the implementation details of a multi-billion dollar contract and found that the “Shooter” not a bother designs, but simply for much less money hired a local design offices, which have done simple work on the development of “concepts”. The average “Shooter” hired subcontractors for 500 000 thousand rubles for the “concept”, having spent, thus, no more than 150 million rubles. If we add 100 million in services to develop “standards for the comprehensive development of territories”, “guidelines for single-industry towns” and “index of quality of urban environment”, the direct costs of the “Arrows” on the contract, according to “Vedomosti”, will be about 250 million rubles. It is not difficult to calculate that the balance of funds after direct costs “Arrows” will be (3 800 – 250) 3.55 billion rubles. Well, isn’t it?! It is not surprising that after such lavish ruble of rain from the state pocket of KB “Strelka” for 2017 reported to tax of 800 million rubles of profit. And this is only the official data that financiers Mamut presented to the tax authorities. Note that this is not the end of the activities of Mamut and his “Arrows” on the use of public funds because to date, “Arrows” contracts with the state company “the HOUSE.RF” another 800 million rubles.

“Vedomosti” figured out how to Mamut and his “Arrow” used for pennies work fine architectural office to perform its obligations under the state contract. But the newspaper shamefully chose not to dwell on the fact that “Arrow” for the fabulous price of “developing” for the state, not the project documentation and the so-called “concept”.

If someone thinks that the “vision” produced by “Arrow” are the project documentation of engineering-geological researches, calculations of carrying capacity of buildings and structures or calculations provide engineering services, he is mistaken. The result is a costly activity “Arrows” appear trivial, as they are called in the construction environment, “beautiful pictures” with no survey and computational studies. It is therefore not surprising that “Arrow” has SRO permits for design work, and the name “consulting Bureau” implies that “Arrow” is not a project organization, but only a consultant. “Arrow” does not create design documentation and is not responsible for its employees adopted the solution.

For “pretty pictures” CB “Strelka” it is impossible to build and the price is impossible to pass the state examination. Every Builder knows that during the implementation of construction works undergoing a change even deeply developed working documentation, appropriate standards of design, what can we say about these preliminary sketches which are the “concept” of the “Arrows”. In other words, “beautiful pictures” CB “Strelka”, it’s just a draft, predesign, preliminary study of the object that does not have

great value, which are undergoing a significant transformation, when the project is being developed directly, and then working documentation. Ie “Arrow” produces billions of public money nobody wants the colored pictures that only partially can be implemented in the next difficult process of design and construction. In this regard, it is not surprising that the implementation of the “concept” in Moscow the program “My street” led to the fact that some streets in Central Moscow was flooded. The implementation of the same “concepts” made by “Arrow” on the state program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”, was less than 15% (from 223 “projects,” “Arrows” sold only 26) and this despite the fact that she is “Arrow”, as a contractor, received a time under this program, approximately 4.6 billion.

State.program for priests

It turns out that the government is concerned not only with the streets and courtyards of “laymen”, but also the conditions in which live the highest hierarchs of the Orthodox Church. In late June, “Vedomosti” published an article about joint plans of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ministry of construction of the Russian Federation to create in Sergiev Posad “Orthodox Vatican”[5]. According to these plans for the reconstruction of a small town with 100 thousand population should be about 120-140 billion rubles. The reorganization is the separation of city center on the “spiritual” and administrative. If we ignore the verbiage of the mayor of Sergiev Posad Mr. Tokareva about the connection in one place the interests of the “spiritual center”, tourism and local residents, the whole point of the overhauling of Sergiev Posad will be reduced to the liberation of the city centre to the needs of the ROC.

Under the new plan crumbling “heritage of the Soviet period” will be demolished, and all state institutions will transfer to the end of town (behind railway line). The place is planned to be erected: the Museum of Orthodox art, Orthodox youth cultural center; the Patriarchal theological library; the Supreme ecclesiastical court; the case of the Synodal institutions; missionary housing; the Patriarchal reception hall; offices of the Autocephalous churches; the Orthodox media centre; Congress centre and a hotel. All this magnificence should consolidate the Russian Orthodox Church the status of “the main Outpost of Orthodoxy in the world” and, in addition, to make the lives of the monks of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra more comfortable and relaxing, and the 2 million tourists who visited the Lavra in 2018, has hurt charitable deeds novices.

To the Orthodox priests were more comfortable, transport infrastructure Sergiev Posad will undergo significant changes: in addition to the newly built (in 2018) to the Western bypass, it is planned another road junction in the East of the detour; combining road and rail stations; upgrading and construction of 5 helipads; creating a new airport for private aviation and business jets.

In other words, for 120-140 billion rubles earned by the workers and the workers of Russia, parasites of the Russian Orthodox Church, will receive 52 km from Moscow to the actual property pompous, luxurious, equipped, comfortable, centre of Sergiev Posad, in which the hierarchs of Orthodoxy will be cherished by his “world” significance and at the same enjoy a secured life.

Plans for the rebuilding of Sergiev Posad in the Orthodox Vatican, and provided care of “laity”: the inhabitants of Sergiev Posad is threatened by the construction of the new 11 regional and 20 local centers with all the infrastructure. On paper “the flock” is promised a house, a supermarket, movie theatres, diagnostic centres, schools, kindergartens, pharmacy, public transport and even sports fields. That from this modest list will move with beautiful advertising paper on construction sites is a big question, but there is no doubt that part of the plan, which is for priests – in fact, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the Russian Orthodox Church enlisted the support of Putin himself. Then, in January 2019, the Russian government established a working group on “development of Sergiev Posad”. There is no doubt that this working group successfully implements the “development” Sergiev Posad in the interests of the Orthodox God and his vicegerents on earth – Orthodox priests. Sergianopoulos, of course, have little chance to use the financial stream that the state budget will be shed for the benefit of the Russian Orthodox Church, but the rest of Russia will remain in their miserable and unsettled misery and will be a third-party watcher for the high life “spiritual fathers” of the “Russian world”.

It is noteworthy that the main contractor who developed the concept of reorganization of the city, once again became all the same “Arrow”. According to the correspondent of “Vedomosti”, “Arrow” has created a book of 300 pages of A3 format, which “describes ambitious plans for the conversion of Sergiev Posad – from transport infrastructure to the construction of health centres and new museums”. Again, the state enterprise has concluded the contract with “Arrow” not on the reconstruction and even the development of design documentation, and, as we have noted, the creation of “pretty pictures”. For this album pictures 100% state-owned JSC “HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation” has paid a private company Strelka 300 000 000 rubles. 300 million rubles over 300 pages, i.e. one million per sheet of A3! Think about it: for decorating the Church needs the state company paid a private “business” for three hundred page album, noncommittal and unwarranted “beautiful pictures”, three hundred million rubles! For comparison, the cost of construction “turnkey” (construction and not working documentation!) school for 500 students in current prices is about 600 million rubles, ie, 300 sheets beautiful pictures are like half the school for 500 students!

* * *

Article 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation States that “the observance and protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen – the duty of the state”. In fact, we see how modern “democratic”market state for decades do not invest a penny in our yards and streets, ignoring our interests, forcing us to live in disorder, filth and poverty of our cities. We see his obvious responsibility for the improvement of Russian cities, the bourgeois state uses to manipulate in

the election campaigns. We see through this manipulation and the use of public funds is ensured victory in the elections of the President of the “United Russia”, which, in turn, ensure the sustainability of the current power state. We see that state power is entirely in the hands of billionaires and these billionaires manage public funds as their own. We see that behind the facade of bourgeois myths about the talents and abilities of billionaires-entrepreneurs hiding their actual knowledge of the state machine. We can see that billionaire Mamut using state employees Shuvalov and the Volodin receive not only a competitive advantage compared to other market participants, but also have the opportunity to ruthlessly exploit small businesses. We can see that billionaire Mamut not just appointed fabulous prices for their services, but the services themselves and they are, in fact, the cover of the banal withdrawal of public funds in your pocket. We see that the activities of the billionaires-Mamutov and “shooter” does not form experienced professional companies, encouraging training, and corrupting the simple architects, accustoming them to create a “doll” instead of projects, and forms a layer of parasites-“top managers”, which, basically, are cheaters in white collars.

Article 14 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation says that Russia is a secular state, a “religious associations are separated from the state and equal before the law.” In fact, we see that earned by the workers and the workers of Russia, the money spent by the state on the needs of the religious Association called “Russian Orthodox Church”. And they spent, of course, not out of love for the Orthodox God, and for pragmatic reasons, namely, to the priests continued to seduce the people, and thereby contributed to the continued dominance of a handful of billionaires.

Say thanks to a bourgeois newspaper “Vedomosti” that she showed us, a simple worker, and workers, as actually conducted “business” how billionaires get rich in whose hands is the state, whose interests it protects, and who in fact is a religion. Thank the correspondent of “Vedomosti”, which worked the will of their masters (and also competitors billionaire Mamut), and ask them to continue to be as honest in the disclosure of the actual mechanism of capitalist power and “business” in our country, because this really will help our workers and employees to give up illusions about the “independent” state, “effective” owner, “spirituality” of religion. The collapse of these illusions in the mass consciousness of the workers and the workers will turn them from dumb herd of independent creators of history.

I. Yakut

Editorial note: the spelling and punctuation of the author


[1] – Anastasia Yakorev, Elena Mukhametshina, Bela Lyauv “Parks and yards for 100 billion rubles.”/”Gazette”, No. 118(4845), July 2, 2019.

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[5] – Anastasia Yakorev, Bela Lyauv, Elizabeth Bazanova “Orthodox Vatican”, “Vedomosti”, No. 115(4842) 27 June 2019.

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