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Starwind SAP2111 – device for a good night’s sleep

“British scientists” by complex experiments established that normal for humans, humidity is 50-60%, though the actual humidity in Central Russia – 15-20%, and generally they do not understand how you can live in a desert.

The funny thing is that a grain of truth in all of this is: in dry air, people have discomfort, fatigue, increased susceptibility to disease, as dry mucous membranes, which are designed to deal with them. The skin begins to age faster, wrinkled and chapped. And not only people suffer: bad plants begin to grow and dry, and furniture to crack. That is why, the last time a large spread of such appliances as humidifiers, which are actively dealing with all of these problems, saturating the air with moisture.

Most modern humidifiers can be categorized into one of three types. The devices of the traditional type taken by a fan the air and put it through a moistened filter. The disadvantages of this design is the occurrence of draught, noise and the need to periodically change the filters. The second type is a steam humidifier, which is essentially an electric kettle. The water in this unit heated up and vapor is distributed around the room. Here cons huge power consumption, noise and heating of the premises (although, in winter it can be a plus). Finally, the most progressive design – ultrasonic. Here the steam is created due to vibrations of a special membrane at supersonic speed. They differ quiet operation and low electricity consumption, and the escaping steam is at room temperature. Into this category belongs Starwind SAP2111. The same advantages of this model include additional features aromatherapy and light.

This device is sold in a small cardboard box, inside of which also contains the power supply, measuring Cup and quick guide. The device has a bullet-shaped form and made of white plastic. On the basis of are the controls and the top part is a matte detachable hood with small exhaust hole. Under the last there was plastic water tank with a volume of 0.1 l, the lid closed. At its bottom is situated the membrane, which turns the liquid into vapor, and the sensor of the tank. The humidifier is mounted on three rubber legs. The device looks stylishly, and to the Assembly and used materials have no complaints.

For uses two large keys. The right is responsible for the intensity of vaporization (4 gradation mode “without steam”). Clicking on the left button will allow you to choose from 7 colors for the backlight, start, a smooth or a sharp change in the colors of the spectrum or disable the illumination. Three blue indicator between the keys notify about device, the absence of water and stop operation. The back has a socket for connecting the power cord. Power is only 9 watts, so its use almost no effect on the cost of electricity.

To prepare the device to work, it will not be easy. For starters, turn a bit and remove the outer cap, then open the lid of the tank. By using a Cup pour water to the level indicated by the mark. For example, I use the water previously purified in the filter, then to avoid mineral deposits on machines appliance and furniture. Then in the tank I recommend adding a couple drops of essential oil, buy that at any pharmacy, at the same time, it costs pennies. There is a relaxing, toning, flower, fruit – it all depends on your mood. Then close the lid, return not place a cap connected to the network. Using the keys, select the degree of intensity of hydration and the color of the light. The light is pleasing to the eye, very soft and much like children who are afraid of the dark. All of the holes knocked a flavored vapor, and it is cold, so children can play with it without fear of getting burned.

If you listen, you can hear a bit of splashing water, but it is likely only wound a dream. Due to its compact size (19x10x9 cm), it will fit easily on any bedside table, even filled with books, tablets, and other necessary things. The main problem of this device is a small tank. Intensive membrane it completely evaporates in 3.5 hours, at minimum, enough water for 7 hours. Judging by technical characteristics, the device can moisturize a room area of 20 square meters, but he will have to work continuously, and you every 3.5 hours to add water. A much more logical option of use before going to bed: put next to the bed, he filled a sleeping place with pleasant aromas, and moisturize the air you’ll breathe in the night, and the night light worked. To fall asleep with him, especially when using relaxing oils, much nicer and faster. Just pleased that the device itself is turned off, when the water in the tank.

Starwind SAP2111 is an interesting device that includes three functions – hydration, fragrance and night lighting. However, it takes up little space, looks stylish and beautiful, well-fitting in any interior. For humidification of a large room it is unlikely to fit, and that the bedtime routine is ideal. The price of 1500 rubles, quite democratic.

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