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Started shooting venom

In the official Twitter of the movie “venom” finally had at least some post. Still, an empty account looks very suspicious. Now, subscribers showed an average scall photo where you can see the three gentlemen. And at least one of them sounds an awful lot like Tom hardy, by his role as Eddie Brock, that is the main character. The inscription reads: “the first Day”.

I guess that makes this official statement. Talk-talks slowly fade, begins the main work.

Steers the process Director Ruben Fleischer (“Welcome to Zombilend”), and the plot is really not known. One time reported about the Carnage as about the main enemy venom, not so long ago there appeared information that the film will be based on the limited comic series Marvel “venom: Lethal Protector”, which featured five Simbiotel!

Previously announced participation in the story of the bride and venom, so that Simbiotel may soon start to ripple in the eyes. But let’s wait for the official synopsis. We are without venom just will not do, and who will keep him company, perhaps not so important.

The premiere is scheduled for October 5, 2018.

Day 1. #Venom
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