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Started production of the first Russian SSDS

When it comes to domestic computer components, just remember the processors Baikal and mount Elbrus, the stragglers in its capabilities for 15 years from Intel and AMD. Maybe the developers drive will be able to offer something competitive?

Today started mass production of the first Russian SSDS from GS Group. The release of SSD from GS Group established in the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, where is localized the whole cycle, including design, development, installation of components on the Board and so on. Even firmware developed by Russian specialists. Yet the GS Group specializiruetsya SSD in the traditional format 2.5 inches, and the model range consists of only 256 GB drives, but before the end of this year the production of 1-terabyte of media.

This kind of SSD is focused primarily on the corporate segment and for use in data storage systems and other multilevel systems. SSD from GS Group are connected via SATA III and issue of up to 550 MB per second when reading and 450 MB per second when writing. Not reported what type of memory based drives, so we rely on are not the most reliable cell TLC. About the cost of SSD information either.

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