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Started production of Microsoft’s first laptop

Стартовало производство первого ноутбука от MicrosoftSurface Book: for the first time with a non-removable cover

Laptops Microsoft Surface Book with a non-removable cap at a price of $1000 can significantly increase the attractiveness of the brand, and at the same time lead to new price war in this market.

Taiwan began mass production of new Surface models in an unusual Book for PC laptop Microsoft the form factor of a classic laptop. This was announced by The Taiwanese resource Digitimes citing informed industrial sources among suppliers of components.

Since 2012, when it was announced Microsoft Surface, the company offered under this trademark class system “2 in 1” combining a tablet and a separate removable keyboard Touch Cover and Type Cover. The Digitimes sources emphasize that for the first time in Microsoft’s history it began production of the classic notebook with a folding (clamshell) design. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to sources from Digitimes, the production chain for the production of new Surface Book involved with the prospect of increasing monthly production volumes, therefore with high probability the announcement of the new laptops Microsoft is expected in late March or early April.

The main reason for the production of new Surface Book in a classic design industrial sources believe the desire of Microsoft to reduce the price of their systems and thus access to large volumes of sales in 2017 of the Current line of Surface Book because of the high prices enjoyed limited demand, moreover, due to the detachable keyboard design creates a competitive conflict at a price-segmentation strategy with a range of premium systems Surface Pro. In connection with these two factors, I believe the sources of Digitimes, Microsoft was able to sell for all of 2016, no more than 500 thousand systems Surface Book.
Price reduction by simplifying design

Despite the new Surface classic design Book, the design of the system provides for the usual inheritance of 13.5-inch display and a chassis made of magnesium-aluminum alloy.

The starting price of the Surface Book in the classic version is expected at the $1,000 level, which is significantly less than starting prices for the current generation of tablets-transformers Microsoft Surface Book range from $1500 to $3200.
Recent price reduction on the best available model of the current generation Microsoft Surface Book on the basis of processor Core i5 with the 128GB drive from $1499 to $1299, according to sources from Digitimes, emphasizes the desire of Microsoft to clear inventory before the start of sales of new products.

As soon as positioning, the Surface Book will be changed to a traditional laptop, and the price level is reduced to an acceptable level, the sources of Digitimes, Microsoft can count on a significant increase in sales in natural terms – up to 1.2-1.5 million units in 2017 At the same time, the line Surface Pro, despite a significant decline in interest in the tablet from buyers can also count on 20% sales growth with a total volume of up to 6 million units in 2017.

The change of strategy of Microsoft will not remain without attention and response, traditional vendors, and, most likely, competition in the notebook market will increase and it will be very hard.
The current state of the laptop market

In December 2016, Microsoft in its corporate blog stressed the success of the campaign with a discount up to $650 with exchange of Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to the new laptops Surface Pro and Surface Book.

At the same time, a specific number of MacBook users, “betrayed” Apple company for a transition with Surface, Microsoft has not called. Apple, in turn, noted that pre-orders for MacBook pros ahead of the number the demand for all previous versions of notebooks of the company.

According to The Digitimes, the combined delivery of the five leading brands of laptops in February increased by 20% compared to the previous month and by 22% compared to February last year. The leading three ODM vendors also expects 10% and 30% growth respectively.

After a significant 50% reduction in January deliveries (partly associated with the celebration of the Chinese lunar New year), HP, and Lenovo by the end of February contributed to the growth of supplies compared with last year. According to Digitimes Research, Dell has not yet reached the level of February 2016, however, showed single-digit percentage increase compared to the first month of the year.

Notebook shipments to Acer in February grew higher than forecast due to the increased shipments of Chromebook models, so the company came on the 4th place, ahead of Asustek.

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