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Started orders electroforged Renault

Стартовали заказы на электрофургон RenaultOne battery charge is enough for 135 kilometers

Electric model produced in wagon form and is fully compliant with the main environmental standards that apply today.

Mounted electric motor will allow the commercial vehicle to drive in special ecological areas. In particular, operation of the van possible in regions where a ban on the operation of machines with internal combustion engine.

Manufacturers claim that such technical parameters model will allow it to receive a great demand in the automotive market in many countries.

Today, buyers can purchase a car immediately in three versions wheelbase. Engine power allows speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

One battery charge is enough for 135 kilometers without additional charging. Under conditions of stable employment, that would be enough for one working day.

Complementing the novelty of the lightest chassis in this segment, despite the increase in load due to battery usage.

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