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Started on the selection in the anthology “the worst book 2019”!

Domestic horror resources and then asked: well when, when the selection will begin in the next Yearbook??? Wait! Today the selection was officially launched.

For those who do not in the subject, please explain. “The worst book” (SSK) – a popular series of domestic horror, published in the edition “Astrel-SPb” publishing house “AST”. The hallmark of the SSK are of the same name yearbooks, stories which are selected are not editors, and the readers themselves is the main feature of the open selection.

Thus was published which became a best-selling anthology “the worst book of 2014”, “The worst book 2015”, “The worst book 2016”, “the worst book 2017” and “the worst book 2018”. Work has begun on a new volume, and participate can be anyone.

If you write horror, then it’s time to try your hand at selection. Detailed guidelines for authors painted here. Highlights:

  • accepts up to three stories from one person
  • the volume of short stories from 15 to 70 thousand characters with spaces
  • the receiving of texts ends on 31 March 2018

In parallel, and the set of readers in target group. We need people from among fans of the genre that will determine the composition of the anthology “the worst book 2019”. Immediately is to say that the job is not easy: most likely, have to read not less than three hundred stories. The application can be submitted on this page, there is more information about the target group.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in one of the main events in the world of domestic horror. May following “the worst book” will come with your name inside.

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