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Start the day with a smile: a collection of fresh jokes

Начните день с улыбки: подборка свежих анекдотовBest jokes to lift the mood.

Portion of positive emotions, which certainly charge you a good mood for the whole day. The best jokes network specifically for you.

The city hosted the children’s contest of drawings on asphalt. Defeated the boy who found the asphalt.


The expression “I love kids” if you think about it, means: “People like me, but not for very long”.


Bought a fan – waste of money.


Yesterday a turtle was eating!
– Well and how?
– Out of the plate more convenient.

Foreman Petrov could not finish my summer cottage, because he steals the bricks and builds the bath.


If you got a driver’s license, but you don’t have a car, you can safely be considered a qualified pedestrian.


I have a lot of money at all, I even hide the book between them.


Upstairs neighbor so in the morning screaming at their child, I also cleaned my apartment and put on warm clothes…


Kapiti incu — all Rivno scho numerates, priority even comp PC. Programa all Rivno guilty to spend besl of prikovany from us operations.


People go to ribalskiy store:

– Divchina, you bait silanov?

– The man in me all naturaline!

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