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Starship troopers vs insectoid (VIDEO)

Twenty years later the war is not over, so for starship troopers enough work.

Sony knows how to squeeze a penny even from far not the most successful of their releases. The good thing about that, for example, not so hot a good movie reboot of “Ghostbusters” has not buried the franchise. Bad, maybe, because of this quite often, Sony releases a product at the highest level – say will still pay for itself through sales of related products, toys, DVD and Blu Ray.

It is strange that until now the company did not think to make a restart of the cult sci-Fi movie “starship troopers”, because since the premiere of the film Paul Verhoeven has passed twenty years, direct-to-video sequels were very dull guano and in General, it seems that the true potential of this franchise was not revealed even the original painting, which was not lucky to get in the car in one year of “Titanic” James Cameron, which at the time, movie cash collected much less than deserved.

But “starship troopers” is making progress in the field of CGI animation. We already wrote about the film “starship troopers: Martian traitor” (Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars), now got myself a new spectacular trailer, which is strongly recommended for viewing.

The script animated film written Edward Neumeier (also the author of the script of the original film and a couple fihavanana sequels). And the voice acting bothered at Verhoeven starring Casper van Dean and Dina Meyer.

Johnny Rico demoted and reassigned to the Martian satellite station, while the Federation is planning the final attack on the homeworld of beetles and pulls back forces of the fleet. But very soon Rico finds out that at the same time, the beetles prepare a secret invasion of Mars. Now he, along with detachments of recruits will take the attack to save the planet, devoid of the protection of the space fleet.

21 August and only one day, “starship troopers: Martian traitor” will be shown in 500 theaters, USA, from August 22, will appear in digital services, and September 21, 2017 will be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

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