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Stars of “Quarter-95” showed their school photos

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографииThe actors remembered their school years.

Vladimir Zelensky: “School is the first friendship, first love, first conflicts, the first. The first is knowledge that is absorbed like a sponge. Insanely enjoyable time. I don’t like to look back, but school is the only of the past, where you want to go back. The river, which you want to enter a second time. School time is associated with the constant changes. My generation at school caught three periods, life in the Soviet Union, the moment of disintegration of the Union, and was graduated from the school we are already in the independent Ukraine. Therefore, ours is the generation caught in the transition from icons to pioneer ties. Some interplanetary condition – several countries with different currencies and the foundations were at one time on the same territory.”

Yuri Kravchenko (Yuzik): “School is the chemistry lessons. I went to school with profound study of this subject, so by the end of training only desire was to throw these books away. 1 September is a good mood with a slight sadness for the departed summer.”

Stepan Kazanin: “School is the first friendly staff. We had a super-class, 11 In – is power! I’m from the school almost never climbs: a Chairman of the Board squads, and the Komsomol. In short, I was always in school to do.”

Olena Kravets: “School is childhood, white apron and bows. In school I loved literature and languages. During my studies I changed three schools and children of the latter, we maintain a very warm relationship. By the way, with my friends from high school, we even intermarry: they became godparents to my children, and I baptized them.”

Yevgeniy Koshevoy: “School is my first steps on stage. In school, in 3rd grade, I began to take part in the events that took place at the local level! I sang and played in various scenes, for which some teachers didn’t like me because because of the shows I was released from classes to prepare! Generally, school time is a wonderful period, it is friends, two and five, the fear parent-teacher meetings. And this is the first call and, of course, exhaust that nobody remembers, just kidding. By the way, when I was not deprived of female attention, although the appearance is not particularly different. But the humor began class with the 10th”.

Alexander Pikalov: “School is first torn jeans. By the way, I was a pioneer, after all I began to wear them in school. I was happy and okay, but only until the sixth grade until he has got into rock ‘ n ‘ roll and Stem. After that he began to smoke, sometimes absent, than was terribly upset with his grandfather. In General, I was the happiest kid in the Soviet Union, my mother worked in the toy Department of the Children’s world”.

Artem Gagarin: “School is not only knowledge. In high school I started to do what you love first play in the WHC, and after and maintain all the activities. In school I learned how to make friends with my classmate Maxim, we are still working together in the Studio “Kvartal 95″. Without exaggeration, my school №71 has given me a huge boost in my life.”

Micah E.: “the School – a new life (just arrived from Baku, new world, new kids, new people); awkward suit; glasses (my mother decided that my eyesight is bad) and second of September I broke them and my mom decided that my vision is normal; a tattered book; outlined, Shevchenko.”

Valery Zhidkov: “School is physical education, stadiums, grenades, military training. The school was far away, rode the school bus from the factory. If remained on duty after school, I missed the bus that was much worse than the cleaning. Had to get by. I was in school its a friendly “intellectual gang”, managed to play three games at chess for a change, drew caricatures of each other. Even then, probably originated a profession – to see and to show the funny in the everyday. Loved chemistry, but I knew it in theory, as made it impossible to conduct experiments. Once the school came to the Commission from the region, it was a very important event. Office with reagents were opened and I, 11th grader, decided to show the younger class, who was waiting for his lesson at the door, one of the chemical reactions in practice. Guessed that the cones have iodine and zinc, and added a drop of water. What I didn’t know. In a matter of seconds the classroom was filled with thick purple fog, which aired two weeks later. For my “hooligan” act I was called to the Director. People who are attracted to science, can hurt the school much more than bullies. Also school for me and school dances: the first Depeche Mode, Dr. Alban, “The Combination”. All was easy, doing homework in the morning at school before class”.

Alexander Pikalov

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Artem Gagarin

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Valery Zhidkov

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Vladimir Zelensky

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Yevgeniy Koshevoy

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Elena Kravets

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Mika E.

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Stepan Kazanin

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

Yuri Kravchenko

Звезды «Квартала-95» показали свои школьные фотографии

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