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Stare at a monstrous “wild Boar” (PHOTO)

About the Australian horror movie called “Pig” (Boar) we told you back in February of this year. Then your attention was presented a pretty good teaser picture. The main antagonist is a huge wild pig in that video was present, however, good to consider, of course, not given. Fortunately, such an opportunity now, because we have a couple of photos of this monster.

According to the Director Chris Sana wild boar in the film 80-85% is implemented using the good old practical effects and only 15-20% is CGI. Has created an impressive model of this brute, the size of which was 4 meters from nose to tail and 2.5 meters in height. In short, a rather big one. As the creators say, computer graphics were used only in order to “help him move and look as realistic as possible”.

Here’s how describes his creation of the CDIP San:

When designing a monstrous Boar I wanted he looked so evil as possible, while still having some features of a normal feral pigs, but let’s be honest, this is the WORLD of CINEMA, and we’re making a horror movie about a giant pig-killer, so it was important for us to make it really scary.

Well, I don’t know scary if they get their animal, but an impressive and creepy — that’s for sure. Even for her, beautiful monster, for that matter.

Now, recall the simple synopsis of this film:

In the Australian Outback there is a legend about a murderous wild boar epic proportions. It is believed that it is only the fantasy of the local drunks, but is it really? Some young people staged a picnic at cool river, very soon will find out… in the struggle for life and death.

In the caste there are some very iconic genre actors bill Moseley (“Texas chainsaw massacre 2”), John Garret (“pitfall”), Nathan Jones (“Mad Max: fury Road”), Roger ward (Mad Max), Sam Coward (“Charlie’s Farm”) and for the first time in horror Christie-Lee Britten. On the script, Chris San worked together with Christie’s Dallas.

Universal Pictures Australia has acquired the distribution rights for the film, and it is soon possible to wait for news about the premiere date.

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