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Star Wars Battlefront II returned microtransactions

В Star Wars Battlefront II вернули микротранзакцииNow players will be able to turn the remaining parts in the crafting skill points.

DICE and Electronic Arts with the grave isolation of the scandal surrounding the pay-2-win in Star Wars Battlefront II promised that although microtransactions and gone, but they will come back. And yet fulfilled his promise. The update released yesterday Night on Endor returned players the opportunity to buy the crystals currency for the game store.

Of course, currency is required not by itself, but in order to buy different nishtyaki. However, this time their range is nothing affecting gameplay — just cosmetic items. Therefore, players will be much easier with this new incarnation of micropayments to accept.

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However, the main part of the “Night on Endor” was still actually night on Endor. It should survive players for stormtroopers in the new regime Ewok Hunt. But this will not be easy, as hunting for them will be fierce Endor the ewoks connoisseurs of Star wars probably know that kind of horror, crouching under cover of night. Of course, the regime implies the game for most of these natives too. For the second team.

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Also now players will be able to turn the remaining parts in the crafting skill points. And those teams who win their matches will get a bonus award credits. The remaining part of the volume of the update was spent to fix the balance between heroes and villains.

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